Thursday, April 19, 2012

I hate blogger so much, or, where'd my comment go?

I've had comment moderation on, ever since the Russian spammers found me a year ago. In that time I have blissfully accepted like a bazillion comments and "marked as spam" like 100. Until tonight. When I clicked over to blogger and clicked the check box and clicked the button next to it and DELETED FIFTY DAMN COMMENTS aarrrgggghhh. There was no "are you sure" confirmation box. There was no "deleted 50 comments, did you fuck up? undo?" box. Just gone. I "rebuilt" them from the comment notification emails I get - if you're subscribed to the last three-four posts I put up, you've gotten a lot of emails about it. But if you're reading this months later: no, I didn't go on a comment deletion/reinsertion spree. I just pushed the wrong button.

Google, I can't believe you did me like that. I may have to break up with you. First the horrible unreadable word verification, then the two-"word" verification, and now you ate 50 comments? I hate you.


  1. I'd leave a comment, but why bother?

    Bill ;)


  2. I don't have word verification or the "I have to approve you first" verification. I do get emailed about any comments left, and if I see something I don't like I delete it (I think that's happened once and it was spam)
    I have noticed that the new spam filter is catching more comments.

  3. It's okay...twenty lashes with a wet noodle and ten hate mails to Google blogger and you shall be absolved. ;-)

  4. Wait til you delete a bunch of pictures from your blog because Picasa didn't put them in your blog folder but instead randomly put them in a different folder. I swear I nearly changed to WordPress that day!

  5. I wondered what all that was about - I am subscribed.

  6. Funder, I just wanted to thank you for the effort you put in retrieving everyone's comments.

    Also, Blogger is a little bitch.

  7. I hate blogger...they're trying to get me to BUY space for pictures of Picasa Web Albums. Granted, I know I take a million pictures, but I'm not paying for it...for now I seem to have outsmarted them...

    I'm sorry about the comments:(

  8. So ... going forward ...
    I WOULD MOST DEFINITELY be interested; would even be already in the 25s except it sort of interfers with our business. Good riding weather is also our BUSIEST time here at the lodge (go figure), so now we are already having to plan how to get away for just a one hour ride; not particularly good for conditioning the person riding. We could get people to help condition the horses, but the person on top needs just as much ride time, IMO. We have done 10-20 mile rides, but it takes 6-7 hours because we are dragging non-riders (who think they ARE riders) along and know we are going to have to winch them off their horse when we get back. Then they soak in a hot bath - or hot tub - and crash for hours while we cook their dinner, clean up after them, etc. I just need more hours in my day!!!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  9. Google's new interface is really crappy, and I've also almost done something, and there is no going back! I try to back up my blog once a week, and always keep the email notifications. Lately they've switched back and forth to being able to approve comments via the email and then have to log in. arrgh! I don't want to deal with switching it over, so I treat blogger very delicately...pretty blogger, don't get upset...

  10. For me, it's an abusive love/hate relationship with blogger.

  11. I had t try rewrite a comment three times today on another Blogger blog, before it let me post. Deleted the comment every time I clicked publish. Hopefully this is a minor hiccup.
    What a bummer to lose all those comments!


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