Saturday, November 8, 2008

I really *should* know better...

... than to call any horse I plan to ride ever again "bombproof."

Yep, it's Crazyday. There's a day, every fall, where the horses all go NUTS. Either it cools off and a cold storm front moves in, or it just stays calm and gets so cold that all the horses in the area come back to life. Today was that day.

It never hit 60 today and I rode near dusk so I wore my Carhartt coveralls. I hope you northerners all spewed beverages on your keyboard laughing at that, but it's true. :arms crossed glaring:

Anyway, it was a totally fun ride. Champ was downright crazy, snorting a lot and ears going everywhere and very forward. He was clearly trying to warn me about the lions and wolves lurking everywhere. We did not see lions and wolves, but we were trotting quietly along through the pine forest and spooked a doe from about 20 feet away. She jumped and ran away, and Champ levitated sideways. Levitating sideways is a major spook for him!

It was a nice fast fun ride. At the end, in our cooldown loop, I worked on getting any impulsion at all at the walk. I met with mixed success.

It's gonna be a good riding season. Yay for cold clear weather!

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  1. Are you kidding? Here in northern Idaho, we not only ride all winter in Carhartts, we ride in INSULATED Carhartts. In fact, you just reminded me of something i want for Christmas--the insulated overalls! :-) I would worry about getting too hot in the coveralls.


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