Friday, November 14, 2008

Well hell, now I feel kinda guilty so here's a disclaimer

Daun and dp - I'm not remotely trying to make light of Brego's and Raven's injuries! It's just what I thought of when Cersei got squashed - "well bad things come in threes, so maybe it's over for me and my horse blogging friends!"

Also Cersei does have a tiny scrape on the inside of one leg. I am so very happy that I don't shoe my horses. It would've been a lot worse if a shod horse stepped on her :(


  1. There is nothing light about your dog getting trampled by your horse, Funder. So glad that she is OK. Of our three pet dogs only Tilley is allowed to ride out with me because she is the only one who has any horse sense. Some neighbors down the road have a dog that always rides out with them and she still has no horse sense -- Raven has stepped on her twice now (and I have twice been glad she is not shod). In the hierarchy of things I do not ask the horses to avoid the dogs -- I figure it is a dogs job to look out for the horses. I bet you Cersei will be more careful next time!

  2. Don't worry about me. I am very thankful that Brego is going to be fine. Well that he has a better than even chance of being fine.

    I am wrecked for DP. I was distracted all day worrying about what she is going through. I hope HOPE HOPE that it will work out just fine.

    And I am glad your pup is going to be fine. Brego kicked a herding dog that was nipping at his heels. Caught the dog in the head and she lost an eye. He was not shod or else she might have been killed.

    Horses can be heart breakers.

  3. I am hope hope hoping the same thing! Sounds like Brego is out of the woods, which is great. Raven's not there yet, but I think things are going as well as possible.

    Dogs and horses are a tricky combination. I think that horses have every right to defend themselves against an annoying dog, but there is a definitely size imbalance and some dogs NEVER get it. Watson, for example, will never get it. He doesn't piss the horses off, but he's just not careful about them. Will run between their legs without a second thought. Boys!


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