Monday, November 24, 2008

Unwilling to confirm the experiment

No lesson yesterday - I cancelled it so I could sleep in, surrounded by boxes. I was just too tired to really concentrate and learn anything.

I did drag my ass out to the field and get on Champ for a little while, but I didn't actually ride. My friends Kelly and Taylor were out at the field, and I just got on and let Champ follow them around and mug them for treats. They took "care" of my crew while I was out of town - Kelly fed them lots of dog biscuits and peppermints because they were obviously wasting away without my double handful of sweet feed a day. (They are such horrible beggars!)

Anyway, I did something pretty stupid yesterday. I gave everybody the last of this pelleted senior feed that Kelly'd given me. She gave it to me because the old mare she'd been feeding it to had choked on it. What did my old mare do last year? Choked on pelleted feed. DOH! So yesterday, Silky choked very mildly on it, but managed to clear it on her own. Last time she choked was horrrrible. Did I ever post about it? I think it was before I started blogging.

On to today! Today was not so auspicious. I forgot to put the sweet feed back in my truck, and I had to catch my very angry horse and ride him without any sugary bribes. He got back at me by running my knee into a tree as soon as possible.

I concentrated on riding with my legs in the correct position again. In return, Champ was very relaxed and carried his head level. I think he even engaged his hindquarters on the hills a bit more. I realize that this one-horse experiment isn't actually proven unless I go back to riding the old way and see if he travels with a hollow back and a high head again, but I can't bring myself to do that to him. :(

My stirrups are starting to annoy me. They're hung a bit forward - not nearly as far forward as most "gaited horse saddles," but they still encourage a chair seat. When I got back closer to the truck, I kicked out of the stirrups and rode with balanced legs. (Closer to the truck is very important. I am still not entirely sure I won't just fall off, and if I fall off, my jerk horse is going to walk his happy ass back to the gate to his field, staying just far enough away so that I can't catch him.)

I am thinking about breaking down and buying some riding tights. I am SO TIRED of my jeans ripping out. They fit ok, and they're good jeans, but I just ride more than they can handle. Any recommendations for winter tights? Do I want the ones with the leather on the butt? This is going to be an internet purchase - there's only one overpriced tack store around here that sells "english clothes" and I don't really like shopping there.


  1. Yes, you want the ones with the leather on the butt. Or equisuede. I got a really nice pair on eBay a couple of months ago for about $60 (back when the Canadian dollar was at par with the US -- now it's worth about $0.78).

  2. i actually wouldn't get full seats (the ones w. leather on the butt) i used to only ride in jeans and half chaps, and the change from jeans to full seats is HORRIBLE. If your used to moving your butt around when you ride, it will be weird going to full seats since you can't (some people like this, i couldn't handle it)

    I would just get fleece lined (would that be too warm? i live in new england, nothing is too warm!) knee patch breeches to make the transition from jeans. I only wear devonaire and i've had some breeches for 5+ years and they still fit and look good, and they aren't the most expensive of all the brands.

  3. OK -- maybe it's a dressage thing.

    (verification word = ingula. Maybe Dracula's wife)

  4. I think full-seats are good for more accomplished riders, but if you're learning it's kind of like a crutch. Develop your seat first, then you can move on to things like that.

    I have a pair of irideon winter breeches, and I wouldn't change them for anything in the world! They're a bit pricey, but I just wear the same pair for a week (it's not like I sweat when it's 20 degrees >>). Looove. Also, if you're in the market for cold weather boots, look at the mountain horse pair. Not sure how cold/how much snow you get, but if it's a lot and you're going to be outside in it, the knee-highs are worth 1,000! lol they are the BEST at keeping your feet/leg warm.

    If the irideons are too pricey, I'd try under armor (most sporting good stores) winter tights (or Nike tights) under normal breeches/jeans/swishes. I come from a family who skiis, so we know how (and what!) to layer. :)

  5. Irideon Cadence breeches. Best.breeches.ever. SO COMFORTABLE! I have 3 pairs now LOL. They do make a winter pair too! They're called the Irideon Polartec 3 Season Breeches.


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