Friday, April 23, 2010

Banana Stand

Are any of yall fans of the late lamented TV show Arrested Development? The Bluth family owned a frozen banana stand, shaped like a banana, which featured prominently in several episodes. I shall name my trailer the Banana Stand, and I checked - BLUTH is available as a tag!

Here's the only decent banana stand clip I could find that might explain it, if you haven't seen Arrested Dev. And if you haven't - get some Netflix or some Hulu and watch it!

Ok, the trailer. A couple people asked about rust - it's got surface rust where you'd expect it, but no structural rust. There's no spare tire or wheel - eeek! But the local tire store said they usually have the wheels and tires in stock - I just need to get the number of lugs and tire number to them. I'll take care of that Monday, before I go to the DMV and register it. And the small white light over the license plate is broken - the door swings too far and hits it and breaks it. I won't replace that until I can get someone to weld a little metal door-stop to keep the door from opening too far. I'm not planning on trailering at night anytime soon, and if I get pulled over anyway, I'll just cry. ;)

I have been very busy spending even more money, getting equipped. I ordered a truck tent, a bale bag and rear Renegades (not trailer related, just got bought at the same time). I joined US Rider. And I got most of what I think I need today at Walmart:

air mattress (I might regret it, but it's only $15 - it's ok if I hate it and switch.)
foldable camp chair
LED battery lantern
LED battery stick-on light, to go inside trailer
a sponge
instant cold packs
digital thermometer
a pack of moleskins - my token effort at a human-oriented first aid kit
a couple of glowsticks
a pretty blue 5 gallon bucket, for water
a couple of heavy-duty clear plastic boxes, to store first aid stuff and dirty horse tack

I still need a couple rolls of vetwrap - human vetwrap is actually MORE expensive than the horse stuff! That might be the only time human products are more spendy than horse products. I need some muck buckets and maybe a manure fork. That Wal mart didn't have any muck buckets - unbelievable. And I need a sheet of 1/2" plywood, for a "tent floor," cut down to 6'6" or however long the truck bed is - I'll measure it tomorrow.

I'm going to print out an "emergency info" sheet for me and Dixie - husband's contact info, preferred vet / release for ride vet to emergently treat, that kind of stuff. I'll tape it into a sheet protector and tape that to the inside of the tack nook door.

I actually spent a lot of time last night trying to go on a shopping spree, but I honestly can't think of anything else I NEED. Suggestions?

First trip is TOMORROW! There's some ATTA trail trials at Washoe Lake. It's $20 to ride unjudged, 8 miles of trail, and should have a really good turnout. It's a good chance to load Dixie in the new trailer, tow her down there, let her stand tied and eat and stuff, and figure out what I really wish I had. Then hopefully we'll be really ready by the Washoe endurance ride, next weekend.

Finally, I leave you with more Arrested Development. Here's Mr. Loblaw, an inspiration to lawyers everywhere. ;) In a later episode, Bob started his own tonguetwisting legal blog.

Bob Loblaw


  1. gosh i loved that show. so, it's not on anymore? it's on my list of "must owns" but there are so many on this list!

    i wonder if there is a german version. probably not.

    right now we're going thru Whose Line Is It Anyway - a show my man somehow discovered on his own and fell in love with. i admit, we LOL every episode.

    but we're also making our way thru Star Trek (his first time) and 3rd Rock and then there's 24 and Farscape and and and...


  2. I have one of those roll-on/roll-off gadgets that allow you to change a tire without using a jack or taking your horse out of the trailer (assuming you decide not to call US Rider and just change the tire) - they're not very expensive in the catalogs and can also be used as a chock if you park on a hill.

  3. When I got my new (to me) trailer last fall I went and got a bunch of 3M "Command" type gadgets and hooks. I can reposition them if needed and don't have to drill holes into the trailer. In the right place, the bigger cable tie type can secure a bucket bale, so the bucket doesn't go rolling around during every corner. The heavy duty hooks hold my grooming organizer. And Jeffers (I think) had bridle racks on clearance (as long as you can live with blue) and I plan to just mount them using the biggest Command stickies.
    Mine came with a water tank, but Pat has two big (5-6 gallon) blue (to distinguish them from gas or diesel containers, which are red and yellow) water "cans"(plastic). Or you can can any of several models of tanks from Hi Country Plastics through various catalogs. Very good quality and outstanding customer service.
    I second Kate's suggestion of a "jiffy jack" (there's one other brand, too). It can also be used to set the hitch on to when you're not hooked up (tho watch out for freezing mud locking it down!)
    For safety's sake, maybe some flares or those little stand up caution triangle thingies.
    That's all I can think of for now.

    Was it Aarenex who had her air mattress punctured by little kitty feets? ;-D

  4. Congrats! It looks great!

    You definitely won't lose it in a crowd of trailers. :D

  5. Don't know if it's the same where you are but all my trailers are registered as commercial trailers. The registration fee is one time permanent for $35. And you don't even have to have a business. Just say you "might" rent it out a time or two!

    My trailer plate is gtyyup.


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