Friday, April 9, 2010

Hay dammit!

Dixie is trying to drive me insane. She ate half the bale of Lemmon Valley hay, but now ehhhhhh not so much. She's picking at it. I just bought a bale from the feed store across from the Bonanza (apparently THAT'S Green's, not sure what the name of the one in LV is) and tomorrow I will offer some to my princess. I predict she'll eat half a bale of it, then decide she hates it. It's like having a very large cat.

We had a lovely long ride today. Averaged 6 mph even though I kept stopping - once to pee, and twice to offer water to Cersei. Hungry Valley is such a pretty place to ride! I promise, I'll get brave and strap the camera on the saddle and take pictures next time we go out there.

We rode up the valley to the little mini airport for the RC planes. Found a cattle tank on the way - of course Dixie didn't want to drink, but Cersei was glad to see water. It's too high for her to drink out of, but I brought a gallon ziplock bag for a collapsible bowl. I hopped off, filled up the gallon bag with water, and held the bag on the ground for the dog. I think if we went all the way up the valley and did a 20 mile ride, when we hit that tank on the way back, Dixie would drink. I'm not too worried if she doesn't want to drink at 5 miles.

It took right at 7 miles before Dixie settled down and really got serious about things. She's such a fun, tough, honest horse. I judged all three of us fit to continue when we got back - Dixie was still bright-eyed and willing, Cersei wasn't exhausted, and I was ok. Well, I was really regretting wearing jeans, and my knees aren't happy, but nothing too terrible. Do they have Adequan for humans? ;)


  1. GReat Little ride there!Dixie the best!
    Love the specs..can't wait to go to my GPS class!
    Yea, Wa is acting like her favorite hay from a week ago is nothing to her now...but she is in serious season- second week of hussyville!

    I forgot GPS today...but I know we went from 1200 feet to 2000 feet, there was snow! Was pretty cool to have warm temps in the valley and get up there and be nippy!
    Advil was my choice drug and a spot of wine!

  2. I wonder if we could ever convince horses to drink out of ziplock bags?


    WV: "netuft"
    the good part of the hay bale. Usually the parts sticking out of some other pony's haybag, not the stuff in your own hay bag.

  3. yet another great use for a ziplock.

    endurance riders carry scoops, ya know, and competitive trail riders carry these mini scoops that they fill from the water bottles on their saddles, because horses are not allowed to drink from the troughs before vetting in (crazy, i know). so the ctr horses are trained to drink out of these things as they stand in line to pulse down. also, the owners carry fans (the paper kind you unfold and wave at your face), and they fan their horses in line.



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