Friday, April 23, 2010


I am the proud owner of a banana yellow 1979 Barrett 2 horse trailer!
Sorry yall, I was too busy shopping for accessories last night to
post, then I woke up late this morning. If you go look at my flickr
you'll see pix. Real post to follow.

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  1. *sob* but I can't see flicker pics at work!!!! You better be posting a *real* post soon! >:(

  2. freedom! i love it!

    and you will like the swinging rear doors way better than a ramp of that time era. my 70s trailer had the world's heaviest back-killer ramp!

    and such a light colored trailer almost beckons the horses in!

    enjoy your new freedom and the camping weekends to come!


  3. That's exactly the same one I have! Except mine was kept at the beach for ten years, so it rusted really bad. We recently took the thing to pieces and it's almost rebuilt! Great little trailer, it pulls very nicely. :)

  4. Looks to be in great shape. I don't see much rust anywhere. Have you tried loading the princess yet? see if she approves?
    With that color, you'll be easy to find at ride-camp (I almost said "in a snowbank" but didn't want to set any negative prophesies in place!).
    You could call it the "banana boat" or the "yellow submarine."

  5. Congrats! Good deal - hope it gets lots of use!

  6. *knock-knock*
    who's there?
    banana who?

    It's beautiful! Does that center divider come all the way out?!

    I forgot about the ramp on lytha's old trailer. Ugh. It really did weigh a ton. The doors are better!

    So, when are you going to load up and go somewhere fun?

  7. Congratulations on the trailer!


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