Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stuck in the 90s

No riding today. Woke up at 5:30 and the wind was already HOWLING -
gusts over 50 mph, sustained of 40.

At least we're not south of the city, where gusts are up to 100 mph.

Anyway, the power is out! And the 3g on my phone is out! I can surf
the internet on a 3" screen at 56k or read a book by the window. What
did we do, when the weather was inclement, Before The Internet? I
really can't remember. :(

I'm gonna read all day, I guess.

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  1. yah, i remember when email was associated with universities, my first account was


    how dorky is that?

    but i used it! in 1991!!

    for me it took til 94 to get into the web, and i used a text based browser called lynx. i remember looking at star trek sites in ascii pics.

    and reading horse stuff on equine-l (usenet). how much nicer it is today!


  2. I remember equine-L! My first email was work-related:
    a*****@city.***********.wa.gov.us how freaking long-ago that was!!!

    When the weather was bad and the power was out? We pulled the covers over our heads and went back to sleep. Sometimes until Spring. Remember?

  3. Our power and internet came back! I am so appreciative of my luxurious modern laptop :)

    I never had an email address before I got cable internet - I think my first was @midsouth.rr.com. In the mid-90s when yall were on Lynx, I was on local BBS's and FidoNet. Ascii art forever!


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