Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crew bags?

What's in yours?

I don't have anything remotely like a crew bag. It would require a crew, and I'm cavalry only right now. And my total pile of Horse Stuff is so small that I can sort through it and find anything I own pretty easily. (Once I get a trailer with a tack room - watch out!)

I think it's the stuff you want at a vet check - hard feed, hay bag, elytes - plus maybe spare boots and ibuprofin? What else would go in one?

Oh, EvenSong - I picked up a cheap plastic bridle holder and sticky-taped it to the tack nook wall. What a good idea!


  1. I have a crew bag especially when I don't have a crew! How else will I be able to reach all my stuff and keep an eye on my steed at the same time?

    I have one of those fancy-schmancy crewbags. Healthy as a Horse even embroidered my name on it (but I still tie a purple plastic lei around the handle so I can spot my bag in the pile of stuff.)

    (horse): hay, huge ziplock baggie of wet beetpulp, small ziplock of oats, fleece cooler, electrolytes in syringes.
    (human): stringcheese, V-8, peanutbutter sandwich, water, extra clothing.

    It changes a little depending on weather and the distance we're travelling, but food, water, and clothing for each of us are the basics.

    Karen Chaton wrote a nice article, published here, on page 7 :

  2. I used Karen's site when I was first putting together my crew bag...

    I actulaly have a draft post of this sitting in my dashboard. *sigh* maybe I'll actually get around to getting it out some day.

    Can't post long now, but when I get a chance I'll return and give you my thoughts, or post somehtng in my blog.

  3. i can show u what is in mine this weekend, since i will be going to do the 50 now!

  4. My bag is actually a plastic tote with lid. This last time it had in it:

    Hay & a zipbag of dry feed.
    Extra hoof boots
    A light cooler blanket
    Hay bag with a flake of hay in it.
    Sandwich, v-8 juice for rider
    electrolyte syringes (already filled).


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