Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I won a thing! plus snow and cat

I got a package today!


Look at this cool stuff I won! Girls with Guns went to a gun convention and had a giveaway and I actually won swag! The bumper sticker will go on my crew box - I have some nerdy stickers earmarked for it too. Now I just need to decide which size box I want for my crew box. Eek! Endurance buddies, I've got two sizes: ones that will hold one 50 lb bag of grain, and ones that are about twice that big. I could go measure, but yall know how much space 50 lbs of grain occupies :) I suspect the larger one would be annoyingly big and hard to pack and tote around.

So there's a tiny keychain, the big shopping bag, the sticker, and bullet-shaped earplugs on a string. The earplugs are the most useful, followed closely by the tote - I have a refrigerated one I use, but not a small size.

I missed GWG in the great sidebar revamping of 2011, but I went in today and added them. Guns are not scary evil death machines, any more than horses are evil broncos who will stomp your head in. GWG says it much better than I do, with more words and stuff :)

It kinda blizzarded overnight. The weak section of the backyard fence blew further over. :( I really need to fix that as soon as it warms up again.

It snowed off and on all day, but it was also pretty warm, so most of the snow on the roof melted. Icicles are pretty - all snow is pretty if you know it's going to melt soon!

Banders claimed the new Costco box. Can you see the total lack of sanity in those eyes?


  1. I'm right with you on the line," ALl snow is pretty if you know it's going to melt SOON !"

  2. Swag is good. doesn't it make you feel like you came from the Oscars?
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. You won! You won!
    *waiting patiently for your winning speech* :)
    A friend of mine is trying a new sport, I can't remember the name, but it's target shooting off the back of a horse. It's an impossibility for me - Hudson's only glitch is a deep and abiding hatred of loud noises - but it sure looks like a good time!
    Love the boxed kitty. Could catch on, you know.

  4. @Jane: target shooting off back of horse?!?! sounds in that scene from Tomb Raider with Angelina Jolie doing that....apparently she did all her own riding and she looks darn good.
    CONGRATS on the win! I'm a gun girl too : ) bullet shaped earplugs? awesome!
    also I laughed at the line....'with more words and stuff' lol

  5. Very cool! That's one thing I miss out here- a decent gunshow. :-)

    I've done a little mounted shooting and it was pretty interesting. I don't really like doing it the way it's done "officially" through CMSA or SASS but some friends and I put together an informal playday and it was revealing.

    I was lucky in that my horse Max doesn't really mind too much. I might try shooting off of him with a rifle.

    It gets real interesting shooting with black powder flintlock pistols... :-)

  6. Thats the trouble with this country! The damn regulations! Guns. To get one, you need more permits than an Asbestos dealer! Its easier to get a shotgun, than anything else! God I miss cutting concrete in half!!!

  7. Maybe the kitty looks that way because she drank all the Jack out of is first?? :)

  8. LMAO your kitty and DAT must be related somehow... DAT gets that exact same look in her eye at night when we have our play time.

    **Cowboy Mounted Shooting I think is what Jane was looking for the name of. Something I want to try.... 'cept you can't do it from a stick horse (HA)

    Glad you liked your bag too!! I love those ear plugs. And that bumper sticker gives me wicked entertaining ideas for bumper stickers... muwahahahaha

  9. Cheyenne - move to Colorado. No wait period or permits for guns. Well, unless you want to carry concealed, but there's actually a proposed bill that will make Colorado a "constitutional carry" carry state, so that expensive piece of paper will no longer be required.

    Funder - you hit the Black Hills Ammo jackpot! When I was stuffing the grab bags, it never crossed my mind that someone would end up with pretty much Black Hills EVERYTHING.

  10. Congrats on winning! Keep that snow to yourself, though.


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