Monday, February 7, 2011

Stuck inside of SF with the Reno blues again

Went to SF for the weekend. Had a great time. Ate and drank vast quantities of interesting things. Basked in the seventy degree balmy February weather. Left this morning - brakes seemed mushy. Got out of the city and realized they were unacceptably bad. Somebody cut me off and the pedal went to the floor. I'd just passed one of those car dealership ghettos, so I turned around and went back. No Ford dealership. GPS'd for one - 13 miles away in Concord, CA. So I carefully and nerve-wrackingly drove back there.

I spent two hours at the dealership getting the problem dx'd. Cracked master cylinder. Needs a part, so of course it'll be tomorrow. But thank you EJ, we have the super duper platinum rockstar warranty, so the repair should be free and I even got a free rental. (Lest you think we are nubs, we got the rockstar warranty for free - long nerdy story.)

But here's the really shitty part: I was stuck in that waiting room for 2 hours with Food TV on. I ate two bags of dealership popcorn, then I ate a whole freakin' box of cookies that G foisted off on me. By the time the service dude came out and told me the master cylinder was shot and would I like a free rental? I was totally twitchy from sugar. I gnawed on my fingertips waiting for the rental, then I had to drive an awful little Yaris back into the city in early rush hour with no soothing tunes from my iPod.

But I'm here now, and the animals will be ok til tomorrow. I talked to M and the dog boarding place. And I even scored free street parking in front of G's work! It'll all be ok, if I can just stop twitching.

PS I don't think I can update the sidebar from this app- I haven't forgotten about it!

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  1. Wow - losing breaks is serious. That could have been dangerous!

    Sounds like you've got it all under control - excepting dealership popcorn and boxes of cookies ;)

  2. Glad you got that taken care of before it ended in disaster.

  3. Glad that you got your brakes dealt right away. Cracked master cylinder, yikes! Sorry you're stuck in SF, but there are worse places to hang out... with your hubby... ;) Make the most of the extra day!

  4. Concord???
    I'd be twitching before the sugar at the dealership.
    Anxiety plus Food TV = eat everything in the vending machine. Plus the popcorn. And the cookies.
    At least you can park the Yaris in SF? They could have given you a Hummer. And free street parking less than 12 blocks away? The parking Gods are looking out for you. Glad it's going to be okay.

  5. Yeah, it was pretty hairy for a while, but then it was just annoying. Jane - LOL yes, I can't believe I found free parking! Did you also have glorious weather this weekend??

  6. ooohhh, Bad breaks, not good. Glad you made it to the dealer ok.

    Sorry about the twitchy part. I hate getting like that.


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