Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's melting!

You will note in the following pictures that I am still a lazy southerner. I had to shovel the gate to the paddock, but other than that, I firmly believe snow will melt faster than I can shovel it.

Look at how beautiful this place is when it's not actively snowing!

And how gloomy it is when it's overcast at dawn :(

Some little critter lives under my deck
Critter under the deck

Maybe a rabbit? I'm not good with snow prints.
Maybe a rabbit?

Cersei thinks snow is awesome. She lives her life in all caps with three exclamation marks.
Looking for the ball!

WHERE'S THE BALL!!! The camera couldn't handle all the white - the sky is actually bright blue.
Where is the ball!

A ball dog!

Here's a snow dog video :)

Snow dog! from Funder on Vimeo.


  1. Apparently it is very difficult to 1) find your tennis ball in the snow, and 2) hang onto it long enough to actually play fetch. Much more fun to fling it around when trying to dig it out, you know.

    !!! :)

  2. Looks cold, but I guess if your name is Cersei, the snow is FUN! :)

  3. I'm hoping this storm has worn itself out. We ended up with about 5". I think even our dogs are tired of snow. They are all sleeping away in the livingroom!

  4. Oh, that made me laugh. I thought about my dogs and if they did all caps, too. My St. Bernard, on the lazy side, doesn't even capitalize or punctuate!

    That first picture is awesome. Vern pretty.

  5. Love your approach to shoveling, or rather, not shoveling.

  6. Isn't that about the best thing when you own dogs? That they live in caps and exlamation points? Love them....

  7. I think the same about the shovel and snow as you. It only gets done if it must, otherwise the stuff will melt.

    My dogs are pretty sure the snow is some great new toy too.

  8. Wow, what a view you have with the snow covered mountains.
    I'd like to have a little bit of Cersei's energy and enthusiasm.

  9. it's pretty...hope it melts soon ;-)

    Great dog. You knew that, though.

  10. Love Cersei's enthusiasm. Or I guess I should end that with !!!

  11. That first pic with the snowy mountains is absolutely stunning! But it looks like it must be VERY cold there when the wind blows...

  12. Cersei: Oh boy, Oh Boy! OH BOY! Where's the ball, where's the ball?

    Me: So where's the horse? Is Dixie buried out there in the snow, too?

    The best way to shovel snow, if one must, is with about 30 horse power worth of little blue tractor. ;-D

  13. Love the video- she is so exuberant!

  14. gorgeous!! I love winter! and those mountains are unbelievable in your photo!

  15. That's a great thing about dogs - each new thing is their FAVOURITE THING!!!

  16. Love the video - you could probably just drop tennis balls about a foot apart and Cersei would dig the path for you!

  17. It's pretty but I'm sure your ready to see it gone. Great video :)

  18. I can't tell what your critter under the deck is as I can't see the prints clear enough. However, I don't believe it's a rabbit as the back prints would be larger AND would also be near the front prints again as bun-bun hopped off. But, this is all just a guess still. A photo taken dead on from above would help.

  19. The 8" of snow we got Friday will be here until March. Unfortunately I must move it out of the way before we get more. I'm with EvenSong though. I plow with a truck and a skid steer!

    I was gonna say rabbit but OS' comment made me go back and look. Probably not a rabbit unless it didn't come down on it's front feet.


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