Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I am a dainty Southerner with dainty little hands that get cold easily. I've always ridden in cheap unlined leather gloves - usually something like this. They're a damn sight better than NO gloves, and they're leather so I get good grip on my reins, but they leave something to be desired as riding gloves.

Also I'd always end up using them as riding-and-work gloves. Every pair of leather gloves I own has some holes in the fingertip and funk embedded in the leather. Roofing tar, paint stripper, dirt, etc.

So I wanted some riding only gloves. I spent a couple of days looking at the different gloves in random stores, but nothing really struck my fancy til I stopped at Cowboy Corner. I got so distracted drooling over the Tucker saddles that I almost forgot about gloves, but I eventually remembered what I was there for. I found these Heritage Performance Riding Gloves and I love them so far!

They come in numbered sizes (instead of that S-M-L-XL nonsense) so the pair I bought actually FIT. And the "rein cut" thing is pretty brilliant - between the ring and pinky fingers, the seams are moved. They're still Thinsulated gloves, so you can't feel the reins as well, but you can definitely feel them better without the seams in the way.

Anyway, so far I love these gloves. If they fall apart or something, I'll post again, but for now I would recommend them.

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