Saturday, December 27, 2008

Six things

I owe White Horse Pilgrim the six things you may not know about me. It's supposed to be six random things, but how am I supposed to pick "random" things? Make a giant list of all things which are known about me and pick six random numbers? Anyway. Six things.

  1. I went to college when I was 14. Skipped right past high school, which I've never once felt like I missed, and went to Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, Virginia. There were, oh, 15 or 20 of us young'uns starting each year, so I wasn't all alone or anything.
  2. I love to cook, especially baking. I really enjoy learning the chemistry behind the recipes, and I love getting in the kitchen and whipping out stupidly intricate desserts. Puff pastry and croissants, stuff like that. Oddly, I enjoy cooking more than eating.
  3. I have a huge weakness for fantasy / sci fi novels, although my standards have greatly improved over the years. Yes, when I was 12 I wanted a Companion, but I'm more than content with a real horse these days!
  4. I have never broken a bone! (Yet!)
  5. I've been married twice, divorced once. I'm still friends with my ex, who is a goofy nerd. We don't have a clue why we got married, really.
  6. I am fairly good at Nethack - I've ascended two Valkyries and a Wizard, and got damn close on a Rogue once. It's my fallback game. If there's nothing else to do and no internet, there's always Nethack!


  1. College at 14? That sounds daunting to me. I was in a high school program for the "exceptionally gifted" (makes me laugh just to say it) and I probably would have gone crazy in regular high school, but I don't think that I would have been ready for university at 14.

    Broke my collar bone falling off a horse, but no cavities to date!

    torsi: many torsos

  2. Ehhh, it was pretty daunting but fun. I was a misfit at a VERY small school, and going to college challenged me and hooked me up with some peers.

    The interview at MBC was where they asked the epitaph question, by the way. Such a weird question to ask a 13-15 year old, but at the same time, a really good one. Most young teens don't even know what epitaph means, much less have considered their own mortality, etc.

    Collarbone - OUCH. I have a gold pirate tooth! (Back top molar needed a crown, and gold was substantially cheaper than ceramic at the time.)

  3. Gah! I was going to ask if that's when you were asked, but you beat me to it. Congrats on missing the crap-fest that is high school. I started college at 17, and people considered me a baby. I can't imagine 14!

    I was BORN with a broken collar bone. Now there's an omen.

  4. very impressive! i'm not sure college would have been any better for me at that age, but i'm here to tell you you didn't miss anything by skipping high school. like dp, i was in one of those ridiculous 'gifted' programs - sort of a nice way to single out the nerdy kids for extra adolescent trauma. thanks, high school! i mostly sat in the back of my classes with a book and tuned it all out... sci-fi and fantasy were my favorites too :-) i got bucked off of a green thoroughbred when i was about 14 and luckily broke my fall with my face! crushed my nose, though...

    this reminds me i've got 6 things to do too...


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