Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Icky, icky, icky.

That's our weather. It was cold Monday (and I was busy getting the kitten spayed), then Tuesday we got two inches of rain and mid-50s weather. Today turned off cold and still drizzly and muddy - it was 36 and raining on me in the field today.

But I had to go. Cersei was spazzing. I took off a little early from work, headed home and grabbed her, and headed out to the field. I wore my muck boots and coveralls, so I was fairly well insulated.

Champ tried to bully me - he pinned his ears and shoved at me to try for extra grain - so I whopped him with the dressage crop. He popped his ears up, like "oh sorry!" then spun around, ears back, to bully the next horse he ran across. That happened to be Silky. She bolted away into the gloom, with Champ hot on her heels teeth bared.

That left me with Dixie, who remained quite polite while she begged. Ears up, very conscious of my body space. Well, you only live once, so I saddled her up and walked off to the trails.

I was going to do my clever trick again - walk her through the gate, shut the gate, then mount - but I remembered too late that I can barely scramble on 2-inch-shorter Champ with my stupid coveralls on. So I could either swap the coveralls for a coat or just walk the damn horse around for a while. I walked the damn horse.

We went on what I'd consider a short trail ride, over technically easy but very sloshy muddy trails. I saw deer tracks, then later on saw a white tail bounding away, then on the way back saw a big deer. Yay for deer!

Walking Dixie was probably for the best anyway. She was on high alert. I don't mind her being a psycho - it's half the reason I think she's so much fun - but not on bad footing, not where she might slip and hurt herself or me.

By the time we got back it was almost dark and Cersei was content. When I haven't given her enough exercise, she stands up in the truck on the way home, like "That was fun! Where are we going next!!" But when she's tired, she curls up and snoozes on the 5 minute drive home. :3

Hey, I don't think I ever posted pics of the new kitten. Did I? Anyway, I have new pics! Cat post incoming.

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  1. Willow is the same. Standing in the truck on the way home = not tired enough.


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