Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Utter fail

Drove out to the field, promptly got stuck in the mud. I am ready to cry. I can't deal with the thought of calling any of the guys I know who have winches. I hate life.


  1. No tractors around?

    spalease: release of tension at the spa. Just what you need!

  2. Ok, I feel slightly better. I sniffled and felt sorry for myself for a few minutes, then figured out a plan.

    I'm gonna go buy a come along - a bigass handheld winch, I dunno if everybody calls them that or if it's a southern thing? There's a very solid very large fence post about 10' from my truck and I think if I dump a couple bags of pea gravel for traction then winch my truck out of the tiny hole it's in I can drive out.

    At least it's not Christmas Day and the stores are still open!

  3. Glad you got out. We call the mechanism you use to tighten wire fencing a come-along. Slightly smaller winch, but same gist.

    ardse: an aardvark's arse


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