Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Look who's back!


So the Poppy Training Saga Update:

I've gotten to be friends with K, who's buying Poppy. In October (IIRC?) she sent him over to the main barn to have him trained by the barn owner. The BO worked with him for one day then said he was a little off in one of his back legs? K agreed. Probably a stifle injury from getting kicked in the field. Poppy went on a week of stall rest. That turned into two weeks. Then they decided it wasn't stifle injury and it was probably something chiropractic. The chiropractor was coming in to town Real Soon Now. Real Soon Now turned into the weekend before Thanksgiving, then the weekend AFTER Thanksgiving, then, finally, Monday.

Apparently, the chiro has come and fixed Poppy.

Poppy is not a stall queen. Poppy, in fact, HATES being in stalls. He spent a month straight in a (very nice, clean, well appointed) stall and he got super pissy and super depressed. He wouldn't look at K, he wouldn't walk nice for her or the BO, he wouldn't look at me. Sad boy. So K had him moved back to the field as soon as he was pronounced well.

I feel bad for K. She's buying Goblin, the horse she's leasing for her daughter, for Christmas. Her hours at work have gotten cut (yay economy!) and she can't really afford to buy Goblin AND get Poppy trained so he's back being a hayburner.

I kinda sympathize with the BO, too. She obviously wants to do right by the horses in her care. There aren't any reputable equine chiros based out of Memphis, so she waited for her preferred guy to come back through town.

Mainly I'm a little bummed that Poppy isn't being utilized any more than he was with me. I'll probably end up riding him, if K wants me to. He's a big sweet lazy boy :)

(And I would take him back, if she asked - but she adores him and I hope she doesn't feel like that's necessary.)

I did 3 miles, round trip, on Champ today. Road work for a change of scenery, plus I think light work on asphalt is good for their hooves.

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