Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years!

I never do these stupid resolution things, because my life is bizarre and unpredictable and I don't plan ahead real well. I think I'll try a few simple ones this year though.

I want to show Dixie, at least a couple of times. I don't have high hopes of winning, and I don't really care if we do or don't. I just want her to have some positive experiences in the show ring, learn to stay calm in terrifying situations with me around, that kind of thing.

She's been shown before - she was padded and shown locally before she was two, then when she washed out as a padded horse, she was shown in heavy shoes locally as a three year old. Somehow I don't think she had much fun at those shows. She'll be five this spring, and dammit, we're going to go and have a good ride. Ignore the bad, reward the good.

I want to jump, on purpose, this year. That just means I need to get a better seat, which I'm working on. I have plenty of experience jumping poorly and on accident. It'd be nice to learn to do it correctly and on purpose!

I want to finish exploring the subdivisions around my field. I'd kinda like to be able to do a big loop through the neighborhood whenever I feel like it... but what's the point of going on a big ride without my dog? It's really just not as much fun without Cersei, and I don't want to risk her getting smushed by a car. I think I'll try to work out some way to leash her to Champ. Field triallers somehow manage to handle a hound on a long line tied to a horse, and if they can do it I can do it. Champ is the obvious choice for this plan. He'd get offended if (when) Cersei tangled the lead around him, but he wouldn't come unglued.

Hell, while we're at it - I want to go to a field trial. I know a guy who goes regularly, and I've been working on getting him to take me. I bet I can try one out this year. Sounds like fun.


  1. Hay ya Funder,
    thanks for the sincere thoughts to me about Pantz~
    What is "Padding"?
    I like all your goals..they sound completely doable!
    If you get a calandar to put up near your stall or tack area for yourself...mark down what you do and when you'll be amazed!

    ruckings =a race to muck stalls that occurs around New Years

  2. This blog is my calendar! I've mentioned probably 95% of the rides I've taken this year. I've just started looking back through it, cause I'm coming up on my one year anniversary with this thing.

    Padded horses or "performance horses" have huge rubber pads, like platform people-shoes, strapped to their front feet. This makes the horse pick his front feet up really high, and it changes the breakover which changes the timing of the gait. It also wreaks havoc on their feet and legs - but THAT doesn't matter, of course, because you might WIN a HORSE SHOW! :bangs head on desk:

    Anyway, here's a video of padded horses. Personally, I think it's torture to the horses and they look completely ridiculous.

    And yes, you read it right - they broke Dixie to ride and put pads on her before she was two. Because TWH's mature faster, you see. :rolls eyes:

  3. Jumping huh? DO IT DO IT DO IT!!!!! Hehe
    The Field Trials look like fun!

  4. Did I ever tell you that I got Peanut because he flunked out of field trials training? :)

    I had no idea that their dogs were tethered to their horses. The dogs must be well trained to keep from tripping up the horse.

    What kinds of shows do you have around there? Are there shows for a barefoot TWH?

  5. Oh, and that last one was me, as if you couldn't figure it out. Just don't want to log on at work.


  6. Those are some good resolutions, good luck with them. It sounds like you are becoming a braver rider with each experience, so I am sure that you will succeed at jumping. (I was going to write that "your riding will develop by leaps and bounds"!) I look forward to reading news as the months unfold.

    You will laugh at this, but today the radio news broadcast included advice from a mental health charity not to have new year resolutions - because one might get depressed through not achieving what one resolved to do!

  7. good resolutions - i wish you well :-) not even three days into the new year and i've let one of my resolutions lapse... oh well, i knew i was wasting my time.

    accidental jumps are always the most fun, but i'm sure you'll do great with the intentional variety too.

    i'm glad you explained the padding. i was scratching my head about that one (it's sad how much i don't know about gaited horses, but should!)

    the field trials sound like a blast!


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