Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend update

Yeah yeah, I know it's Tuesday already.

WHP - I am thinking about my 6 things post! The rest of yall - I'm reading your posts at least!

See, I had a great plan for Christmas. It was a truly stellar gift-giving plan - I'll just make and freeze apple pies for my family. They're tasty, and they're frozen unbaked so the recipients can just bake them when they are in the mood.

So the week after Thanksgiving I bought all my supplies, and then I talked myself out of making them that weekend. Pies take up a lot of freezer space! Then I simply procrastinated until Sunday, when all of a sudden I realized "holy shit it's less than a week til Christmas."

I rode for like 5 hours Sunday, then came home all in a tizzy and made pies for another 5 hours. Yesterday I cleaned the house and made pies for another 4 hours - I'm getting faster! I need more pie pans and more apples, but today I should be able to knock out the last three pies without too much stress.

I'll post something exciting soon.

Oh - if you want to be my friend on Facebook you can see pictures of me from when I was 15. My college friends have found some ancient pics!


  1. What a nice gift. Good luck with the final three. My rules for facebook friendship are (1) I would recognize you if I saw you on the bus and (2) I would actually want to go over and chat with you. But I would bend rule #1 for you...

    gyeali: male alligator

  2. Wow! That's a lot of apple pies. I doubt I could hang in peeling that many apples......but I'd sure like to be on the receiving end. LOL

    I'm set up on facebook. Haven't figured what to do with it, but I"m set up. LOL

    Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


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