Thursday, December 30, 2010

31 totally random things

Tamara is doing one of those periodic random facts memes, and I haven't done one in like a year. EG took up the gauntlet. I might as well give it a shot too.
  1. This is one of my favorite tidbits about myself - I have prosopagnosia. I don't know what anybody's face looks like. I recognize you by your body shape, voice, hair, clothing, mannerisms, etc. Yes, this means I fake it a lot, but I usually figure out who I'm talking to before I embarrass myself.
  2. I have a tattoo. It's a rearing sumi-e style horse, on my hip. It's my reminder to never give up, even when life keeps trying to beat you down.
  3. I have never in my life eaten a McDonald's hamburger. I have no intention of ever doing so.
  4. My dream truck is a 7.3 Powerstroke F-x50.
  5. My dream car is an old stick-shift BMW M-series. Real clutch, please - I can't stand the fake manuals. (I will fear no Highway of Death with that.)
  6. I will play the lottery, but only $1 per drawing and only when it's more money than I can spend in my lifetime - $80 million or more.
  7. I am gonna breed those Nigerian goats and milk them and drink absolutely amazing milk, every single day for months.
  8. The last concert I saw was Rancid, 2006, at the New Daisy in Memphis.
  9. I've seen They Might Be Giants 3 times so far, and as soon as they tour near me again, I'll go again.
  10. I am deeply superstitious, but only if my behavior tempts irony. Do not meddle with irony.
  11. I don't do dresses. I tried, when I was younger, but I just feel too awkward in them. The last time I wore a dress was at my wedding in 2004.
  12. I feed Cersei raw chicken, and I have since I first got her as a tiny puppy. None of the myths you've heard about raw diets are true. (I feed her lots of things, mostly raw, but the bulk of her diet is Foster Farms chicken legs from Costco.)
  13. I want to learn to jump so I can foxhunt, at least once.
  14. I used to be a huge PC nerd, but once you go Mac you never go back.
  15. I have ascended (won) Nethack four times. ASCII only - I hate tiles. Yes, spoilered - I am not a prodigy.
  16. I have given up on George RR Martin ever finishing his stupid Song of Ice and Fire series. Ask me about him at your peril - I will sperge-rage out like you wouldn't believe.
  17. I taught myself to swim.
  18. I paid to learn to scuba dive. ;)
  19. I like all fruit except for pears. The texture icks me out.
  20. I like kiwis, but they don't like me - I'm allergic to them.
  21. Speaking of allergies, I am allergic to everything fun and everything common. Dogs, cats, ferrets, hay, pollen, mold, sage, moldy cheese, Tide detergent, Dove soap, and wine tannins.*
  22. *Well, the wine is just a sensitivity, not a true allergy, but it means I can't drink wine or I get truly epic headaches.
  23. I want to turn the old fridge in the garage into a humidity chamber and drying chamber and make my own charcuterie, even though I can't even pronounce the word.
  24. I have beautiful strong fast-growing fingernails, which I keep chopped off short because otherwise they get dirty and get in the way.
  25. I have beautiful thick fast-growing hair, which I keep chopped off short because it annoys the piss out of me when it touches my face.
  26. I love to play bridge. Haven't played in years. Can't find anyone who knows how.
  27. Nothing destroys my self-esteem faster than hearing my own recorded voice. I can't even listen to my voice mail prompt. Surely I don't sound THAT dumb. But maybe I do? >:(
  28. When I was 10, my mom yelled at me to get off the phone because it was storming, so I sighed deeply and informed my friend I had to get off the phone cause my mom was yelling, then I hung up the phone and lightning struck it and melted it. True story. Thanks, Mom!
  29. My husband and I are both only kids, so we want two. We shall let them fight it out like we never got to.
  30. I'm left handed, except for scissors.
  31. I have a huge scar on my knee from climbing a barb wire fence when I was a kid. And oh my god I made it!
That was hard, but it was more fun than I thought. Give it a shot this weekend!


  1. (#10) - Truest statement I have ever read. Ever.

  2. That was a fun read!!

    I'm not sure I could come up with 31 random things about myself... I'm pretty darn boring! Perhaps I'll give it a shot this weekend when I'm stuck at work for 16 hours.

  3. I feed my pets a raw diet, too. I feel heartbroken whenever I see people buying commercial cat/dog food, and even more so if it's labelled "puppy" or "kitten" food. It's all such a con and no-one realises it. ):

    Highfive to lefties, and I can only use scissors in my left hand if they are right-handed scissors, or in my right hand if they're left-handed. :D

  4. Fun! Do you recognize family members' faces?

  5. Val - I think I do. I know my mom, dad, husband, and MIL when I see them. Other relatives - not so much. There was one notable failure when I was 10 - my dad went on a business trip and shaved his beard while he was gone. I had no idea who he was when he came back. This guy who sounded like my dad but clearly wasn't my dad freaked me out completely!

    I am hopeless about pictures of family when they were kids or young adults. Kids never look anything like either parent to me, and I can't imagine what they'll look like when they grow up.

    It's a lot like living in a world where everybody but you can work magic. It doesn't upset me that I can't remember faces, but I have no idea how yall do it.


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