Monday, December 6, 2010

Yall are brilliant!

Two nights of this for 4 hours

led to this



  1. muttering heard from inside the chicken hovel:

    Hey, you awake?

    Yeah, I'm awake. You awake?

    Yeah, I'm awake. That d*mn light is still on. I can't sleep.

    You wanna tell stories or something?

    Nah. I'm just gonna lay an egg. It's not much, but it will pass the time until the light goes off.

  2. Bwahaha! Almost snarfed coffee. You're a danger to others.

  3. AareneX - HAHAHA! That was great!

    Funder, congrads on the eggs! Now, stop staring at them and go make an omlette or something.

  4. Hell! Now thems some damn eggs li`ll lady! Go git yourself one big juicy Omlette!

  5. those are gonna be yummy! homemade eggs are always better.

    you got ten, that makes a dozen in germany. for some reason the eggs come in dozens of 10 here. mine are stamped "free range, netherlands" so mine are not local. did you know eggs are never refrigerated in germany? they just sit on the shelf next to the flour and sugar. i wish i knew why.

    i'm waiting for the neighbors and their new flock to offer me some. the rooster just got old enough to start crowing and it's very cute, i love the sound of it. they are considerate and don't let him out til 10 or so. i keep saying "i'm on the egg waiting list, right?"

    in case you forgot, i'm afraid of chickens. the beak part.

    but you tempt me to try to get over my fear.


  6. Awesome eggs! And AareneX needs a to do a stand-up routine. :)

  7. Now if I could get mine to lay! I think they are going through a molt. Or temps down to minus numbers for a week *might* be a problem.

  8. @lytha: FRESH eggs don't require refrigeration except when room temps exceed 70 degrees F. They can stay perfectly fine on the shelf for a couple of weeks...and who wants to eat eggs that are that old? Um, store-bought eggs (in the US) are often a month or two old, and require refrigeration. Ick.

    Good info here about eggs, including the "float test" to see if they are still fresh:

    WV: ovelt
    that part of the edge of your breakfast where the cheese and egg and hashbrowns meet.

  9. woohoo!
    go chiknz!
    no longer just lumps of purty feathers!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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