Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A trustworthy face?

Here is the long-awaited passport photo. I must've been... 21? 22 at the oldest. The terrible dorky glasses were those Transitions that got darker in sunlight - unfortunately they were taupe indoors.

I still smirk, btw.

I have all this stuff going on, but I can't talk about it yet, so it's hard to write about bits and pieces of my day! Hang in there. I will post about my shameful chicken hovel repairs soon.


  1. Now that is a face you can trust! I believe it!

  2. The smirk is classic.

    WV: helyphoe
    one who is adverse to sunlight (i.e. a Swampdweller)

  3. LMAO OMG.. I had those same lenses! Can't master the smirk quite that good though ;)

  4. That's a fantastic smirk! LOL I smirk a lot too but I don't think there's a picture to prove it anywhere...

  5. i'm afraid at one point i also had some of those glasses.

    but what i want to say it, how on earth did they let you get away with smiling like that? they have rules, a long list of them, and one is "no smiling" (hrmph, maybe that's just in frankfurt?)

    i'll have to dig up my old one and try to get a photo of my 1991 passport. the 2007 one too.

    who else wants to play?!

  6. When I read the title and saw the smirk, I thought the post was going to be about a scam!! lol!

  7. I never would have recognized you!

    I used to wish that I could have glasses like that. These days they're clear indoors. Now that I don't need them, of course!

    I can't believe that they let you get away with the smirk either, although when Rick got his taken the post office lass was trying to get him to smile the entire time.

  8. I am often accused of "the smirk". Good luck with that.


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