Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hair conquered again

Just like last time (sometime in the summer; I remember sweating a lot) I swear most solemnly that I will never ever let Dixie's mane get that tangled again. It took half a bottle of Cowboy Magic and over an hour, but I got it completely brushed out.

"Are you through now?"
Ridiculous Dixie hair

I can't describe how thick it is.
So thick

Here is some bonus hairy cat.
First, catch your cat


  1. Wow, my horse looks very similar to your color-wise, but she surely doesn't have hair like that. Consider me jealous!

  2. Yeah yeah, you're jealous from 3000 miles away. Nobody who actually lives near me is jealous, because they know I'd just beg, bribe, and whine at them to come brush it! ;)

  3. I think my mare Bonnie might have an even thicker mane than Dixie. It is insane! Plus it falls in a perfect butt cut on either side of her neck. People look at her mane on one side and go "wow, what a thick mane." Then I direct them to look at the other side of her neck, which has every bit as much mane hair flopped over on it and they're speechless!

    And of course I come from h/j land where we want a nice, tame mane that all falls on the right side. Bonnie didn't get that memo, and I long ago gave up trying!

  4. Bonus cats are good - very good! Dawn has a skimpy mane and Pie's is long but thin - no problems there.

  5. So on the cat photo... are you planning to cook the cat?!?!? 'Cause that's what it looks like from the picture...

    Just sayin! ;)

    And, Dixie's mane looks great!

  6. Yowsa! I think Misty might have almost as many *hairs*--but the individual hair shafts are very thin. She does get the dreadlocks, tho, if I don't keep after it--which I don't much, as I'm not using her much. Maddie (her daughter) has considerably less to deal with. Kate's is very thick, but doesn't seem to as tangled (knock on wood).
    A pretty kitty belly just begging for a scritch!

  7. ha ha ha, Fee has a long, flowing, SCRAWNY mane that rarely tangles.

    Ahem. However, Hana has a long flowing THICK mane that tangles within 6 hours of a complete Cowboy Magic treatment.


  8. Dixie's mae = Gogo's tail. Except I am madly in love with gently going through Gogo's tail every day. It makes up for all the hair I don't have on my OWN head I think.

    Also.... my fat hairy cat does the same thing!

  9. Ozzy has a mane like that. Vetrolin Shine is my best friend in the whole wide world. Super easy maintenance. :) Hers looks stunning now.

  10. That is an awesomely thick mane.

    I'm very lucky that only one of my horses has a mane that tangles. I swear that horse can turn his mane into a mess overnight.

  11. Dang. She's got some Shakira-hair going on. :D Good luck keeping it detangled! My mare doesn't have that thick of a mane, but she rolls so much it's almost always tangled!

  12. Hell??? I`ve just been watching "Julie & Julia" on TV! Really good film, your J childs book? Wow! That is spooky!

  13. Haha, fine, I'm jealous, but I'm jealous from 3000 miles away. That mane is gorgeous, though...what I wouldn't do for Missy to have a mane half that thick. She's got the whimpiest mane ever, well, when I actually let it grow...

  14. argh! i wanna run my hands through that mane!!! Stormy's mane used to be two feet long, i'm not kidding. Thoroughbred racehorse who used to get his mane pulled to two inches on the track, got to having hair as long as a hippie. but I guess being outdoors all the time, Mother Nature trimmed it to how SHE wanted it. It's still 8-12 inches, but I want the other foot back!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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