Sunday, December 19, 2010

Even Dixie gets cold

Our awful weather continues. Yesterday was very windy and 40, with drizzle all day - all Friday's snow melted. Today was 40 again, extra windy, and rain mixed with snow until 4. Then the temp dropped to 30 and howling snow came blizzarding down. I'd fed dinner early and extra, in the run ins, but when I went out to check Dixie was cold. Head down, butt to the wind, just starting to shiver. And NOT in the shelter. I scraped off some snow with a towel, then threw her cooler and waterproof blanket on. By the time I got a fat stack of alfalfa out to her normal hay feeder, she'd perked back up.

The goats were happy when I went out. Dry and fluffy and bedded down with tons of grass hay. But alfalfa is like goat crack, so they came rushing out into the storm to eat some. I would not be surprised if they're not the ones who need rescuing when I go back out to check on everybody in a couple hours. I guess I will towel them off and bring them in if they need to be warmed up. I can stash them in the barage overnight... Unless that freaks Dixie out... This is like one of those stupid logic puzzles with a fox and a chicken and a cannibal and a canoe. Sigh.

Chickens laid 4 eggs, under duress. I've been giving them treats in the coop every day. Today was leftover low-carb pancakes and some mystery vanilla yogurt I found in the fridge. They are still grumpy - they hate the weather too. At least those idiots stay IN the coop.

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  1. I find that goats do a good job of sheltering themselves. A wind/rainproof sheet goes a long way to keeping a horse comfortable in foul weather. Ours look miserable without, but totally happy once they go on. The cooler underneath might be overkill, but she'll let you know. Tonka is never more miserable than when he is sweating under his sheet.

  2. Also, our horses never use the run-in in the high wind. I think they like to be able to see everything around when their hearing is compromised.

  3. That wet cold is the worst - Pie's out tonight with no blanket and the temperatures are getting into the low teens, but it's dry and there's only a little bit of wind.

  4. DP - I went back out and stripped off the fleece cooler. She was surprisingly toasty warm under there!

    I still think maybe she's TOO wet to stand in the blowing snow all night, so I'll leave the waterproof purple thing on.

    The goats are happily gorging on alfalfa. They have tiny icicles all in their coats, but they're fluffed out and dry at the skin.

  5. Err - toasty warm = soggy warm toast.

  6. You might find my wife's blog interesting. It seems the chickens blame her, personally, for the snow. I've seen it too, they are fine with me but won't talk to mom!
    She's at

    Hehe. Love reading your blog, btw.

  7. Goats can cope quite well in any conditions, and eat anything! Our horses kick hell out of any stable door if they are kept in for any length of time!

  8. Goats can cope quite well in any conditions, and eat anything! Our horses kick hell out of any stable door if they are kept in for any length of time!

  9. Our goats hate wet sn*w, but they don't mind wading around it in when it's done falling.

    The horses don't mind either way, but they usually park their butts in the trees and hang their ears out to collect the white.

    Stay warm, everyone! Solstice is coming!


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