Friday, December 17, 2010

White Death '10

We're all gonna die!

Woke up right after it started snowing this morning. It's still pouring down snow. The weather forecast is all snowflakes for 5 days. As a hysterical southerner, I am officially declaring that the sky is falling. (it's made of fluffy frozen water if you wondered.)

Here's some pics on my Flickr.

Going to cheat death on the roads now. Tip a 40 for me if I never post again.


  1. I'm a lifetime midwesterner and as I get older, winters are a lot harder. Its not health issues - its just that it makes life harder. Too cold to do this, too icy to do that and OMG, do I get cabin fever. Last year was the worst winter we had in decades and I was seriously wondering if I shouldn't think about transferring to our San Antonio office in the next few years.

    We just had our first snow this year, which is late. So maybe I am getting reprieve from last year's hell.

  2. Here in Cleveland, that's called a dusting.

    Turn in the direction of the skid, pump the brakes if you don't have anti-lock brakes, take it easy on turns and no sudden acceleration.

    And don't worry--I don't get upset until we get beyond 4 inches a day--and I'm a snow chicken compared to most of the people here!

  3. We still don't have snow! What is going on with the weather? December in Colorado and no freaking snow? Ugh.

    Drive slow and safe :)

  4. I will pour some out for you, homie.

  5. Still no snow here... we're in like... the no snow bubble or something.

  6. I remember it snowed in Memphis once when I was there and everything shut down. In Louisville things stayed open if it snowed up to a couple of inches. Now, when it snows, I have to go to work and drive in the stuff.

    Amazing what you can get used to. :)


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