Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy horses!

Rode Dixie for about an hour in the indoor arena. (INDOOR ARENA. Can't stop saying that. Me, in an INDOOR ARENA. Woah!) I snuck the dressage whip with me - tucked it under my belt before I climbed on. There is no getting on her while holding a whip - if it's hidden away somewhere, or if someone hands it to me while I'm on, she's ok but wary. If I hold a whip and try to get on, I can forget about it.

We racked around at top speed for about 10 minutes, which is about what I expected. Scary new place! Arena! Must gait fast! Then she calmed down and started listening. We are both about 3 steps back from where we were 6 weeks ago - I had to think about my hands and my seat and all that stuff, and she doesn't want to bend at all. I got my contact right, she gave to the bit a little, we were both happy. And I got a bit of a faster but still relaxed walk out of her, several times. I'm happy.

Champ was Not Happy. He seems to have completely forgotten Silky, which is really good - it would've broken my heart if he was visibly moping around and mourning her. I don't think horses are wired to remember the past the same way we are. Anyway, Dixie is Champ's New Mare and he gets rather distraught when I take her away. Or maybe he gets rather distraught that I'm riding her instead of him? It's not a big deal if I take him, but he does a bit of pacing and screaming when I take her. But he's a big boy and he'll live.

He has some icky dandruffy crud on his neck, under the Place Where He's Going Bald. Not sure what to do there. Should I ignore it and see if it improves with the new hay/grain? Put something topical on it, like I dunno, Bag Balm or aloe? Yell at him for being scruffy?

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and 60s. I think I will ride Champ on the back roads over to the nearest park. Not sure if the park's open or rideable right now, but it'll be fun riding on the roads either way.

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  1. I can't remember, did you ever get the bald bit scraped to see if he has some form of cooties causing his gelding pattern baldness?

    I miss having an indoor. Sigh. But finally having trails make up for it!

    I know you have both. Shut up. :P


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