Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not a washing machine in sight

Picture time!

Yesterday I attacked the yaks again. A pretty horse appears to be emerging from the white yak.
Pretty Dixie

I would estimate that this is one average cat, or perhaps a throw pillow, of shedded hair.
Abstract Hair Art

Today I took Champ on an 11.5 mile ride. That's what Google Earth says, anyway. My legs definitely believe it - my poor knees hurt so bad.

It's such pretty country!

Only about 2.5 miles of the trip was on the actual state park trails. They are so PROFESSIONAL! There's signs, and gravel in spots, and really sturdy bridges.

It's like going back in time. The grass is just now starting to turn green, and the trees are barely thinking about budding out. Back in MS, the early trees are probably leafed out.

But! I did not see a single washing machine! No dead cars, or even car parts. No bullet holes in trees. Pretty cool.

More pictures here. Too tired and sore to write much. Tomorrow - unless I just can't walk - is dressage day with Dixie.


  1. Are you planning to buy a trailer to bring you closer to those lovely trails?

    harbl: I kid you not, this is my verification word.

  2. Oh, that is the sweetest horse face!
    Lookie at those pretty red bars...I love the red! And yea..a small rodent came off in hair.

    Nice nice trails Funder!! much road ride is there?
    I have the washer machines that you are missing now...I am so much farther out that the hillbillies live out there..gettin a gun now too!

  3. Hey, that is a really nice looking spotty horse. Lots of white, too, to keep you busy: )

    I'm glad you're out enjoying your new trails, or how do you say it, "tralls"? (*giggle*, I can't do a southern accent at all. I'm a newscaster from Seattle.)

    More maintained means more rules and less alone time with your horse, but there's the safety of not having to lie on the ground for 2 days before someone finds your body. Einerseits, andrerseits.

    I miss my endless wilderness but I will continue to read your adventures.

    ~lytha in Germany

  4. dp - After finding a job which allows me to start repaying my student loans, and saving up for an a/p or dressage saddle, I do intend to start saving for a trailer. It's looking like a 2010 or 2011 purchase for sure. :-/

    Kac - it's 4.5 miles from the barn to the horse trail entrance. It's almost all asphalt, too - not very many fields where I can ride on the edge of the field. We did the whole trip at a pretty slow pace, about 3 hours for the whole adventure. What kind of gun are you gonna get?

    Lythia - I think it's "tray-uls." "Tralls" is somebody else's accent! Boston maybe?

    I miss my wilderness too. :( No dogs allowed on horse trails! Oddly I didn't see another rider at all yesterday. It was so pretty; I don't know where everybody else was.

    I absolutely cannot wait til it warms up enough to wash Dixie. I am going to take about 50 pictures of her in her blindingly white glory... because she's going to roll as soon as I turn her out again. Easy come easy go!

  5. I'm jealous that dogs aren't allowed on your trails. I turned back once because I heard the baying of hounds, and on Sunday Anne had a fox hunt shoot by her as she rode Gene. Dogs are one thing, hounds in a fox hunt are another.

    But, haha! There's the wreckage of a truck on the trails in Fair Hill. Your trails are more frou-frou than mine!

    Dixie's looking awesome, btw. So pretty.

  6. How bout meth labs? Any of them? I don't know that I ever venture out without a meth lab on the trail


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