Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not as bad as I thought!

I rode, yippee!

First I dragged my stuff into a slot in a tack room. This means that for the first time in almost a year my saddle is not upside down in the back seat of my truck. I will not know what to do with all the space! Can't find my brush, though, but I did find a rubber currycomb so I just whacked the mud and some of the hair off the horses with that. Oh well.

I got Champ first. I let him look at the arena for a couple minutes, then we went in and walked around for maybe 10 minutes. There was a lesson of some kind, kids jumping a little 12" jump with an instructor. Didn't pay much attention to them. They weren't young Olympians but they weren't horrible either. I was the only one walking calmly around on a loose rein in a Western saddle, but I actually didn't feel at all self-conscious. Champ kept making a weird sound of some kind - almost a cough, almost a whinny, I dunno. I suspect it was just an almost-whinney, and he has a really deep hoarse voice to begin with. Anyway, the kids were zooming around us and I didn't intend to work him today, so we walked til he got bored, then we trotted one lap, then we walked one lap, then we were done.

Touching Dixie makes a blizzard of white hair. I scrubbed some loose hair off her butt, but I didn't bother to try to strip ever last loose hair out. It'll fall out eventually, and it might get cold next week, and it doesn't bother me too much. Then off we went to the arena. The jumping kids had cleared out, thankfully, cause Dixie did not want to stand still for me to mount. Then she just wanted to rack around at top speed. It was a pretty nice rack, and she didn't try to canter, so it's all good. Again, I didn't work Dixie too hard. I just wanted both of them to see what this new scary arena is like.

Oh, and I met some lady who is a member of the local trail riding association, too - she rides TWH/SSHs, trail rides seriously, seemed nice enough.

When I headed home, I found my poor husband standing outside in his sock feet, holding Cersei on a leash. He'd taken her out the back patio door and the bar fell down, locking him out and his keys and cell phone in. He'd gotten locked out right about the time I headed home, so at least it was the minimum possible time. Poor guy!

Tinky Winky is still above our fireplace.


  1. I'm glad everyone has arrived safe and sound.

    So you must tell us, what is the deal with tinky winky?

    I locked myself out of the house once accidentally. Darned slider door, I went on th balcony to hang out laundry, and closed it behind me. It was February, about 20 degrees out, and I was in a t-shirt and flannel jammy pants. My cell phone was in the kitchen recharging. I was home along. NOT good. Iwas out there for 2 hours screaming like a ninny before my neighbor heard me through her closed windows and screaming kids.

  2. Hooray! Glad that everything's going so well. :)

  3. Michelle, I just don't know about Tinky Winky. My husband's been toting him around as long as I've known him. Creepy little Teletubby! We hung him on a nail after the map fell down, just to break up the sad little landscape of holes and nails.

    Your getting locked outside story is the WORST. Didn't your laundry just freeze anyway?

    Sara - thanks! :)


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