Friday, March 13, 2009

Mostly moved!

Well I've had the most productive two days of my life!

We got to Columbus about 1:30 yesterday, signed the lease, dropped the pets in one room, and went to Walmart. We ended up spending like $300 on stuff - two Brita pitchers cause the water's awful, two torchiere lamps cause there's no ceiling lights in this joint, an entertainment center that was on sale, etc. Then we came home and Graham started putting together the entertainment center while I unloaded enough crap from the U-haul to get the bed assembled. I crashed hard almost as soon as the bed was ready.

Today I got up, drank some coffee (out of the only glass I could find, a plastic cup), put on a lot of clothes, and started carrying in boxes. I religiously carried in crap for a couple hours, til our friend came over, then he helped me carry in the recliner and the big antique cedar thing. Then we all hung out and found homes for things. We got the living room set up, with only two boxes of random stuff to sort through. I got most of the kitchen set up. We got the hanging-up clothes hung up, and we rebuilt the little cubes that the folding clothes live in. None of the folding clothes got unpacked but whatever.

Then another of Graham's friends came over and the guys were all talking cryptography and I was laboriously hanging my enormous framed map of the world ca. 1960. First I hung it from one picture hanger, centered over the fireplace. It creaked a little so I took that down (and cut my finger and bled on the wall!) I measured some and knocked a bunch of nail holes in the walls finding the studs (on 24" centers, not 16") and measured some more and got two nails at the perfect height to center the map. Then I made a slacker man get up and help me hang it. We hung it.

I yelled at the other guys. "Hey yall need to shut up and admire this lovely map of the world - it has the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on it! - before it falls down and kills us all." Everybody stopped and we stared at it for fifteen seconds, tops, before - you guessed it - it fell down.

I cannot stress enough that it's not actually my fault. The screws holding the brackets on the back tore out of the frame, ripping part of the frame completely in half. I was SO MAD and SO AMUSED all at the same time.

Graham hung Tinky Winky on the middle hanger over the fireplace til we figure out something to do with the ruined space.
Teletubby murder

Also Cersei decided to try to nap in a cat bed. It's a little too small. :(
Cersei thought a cat bed looked good

I visited my horses too - love the facility, horses look great, going to ride tomorrow so more about them tomorrow!


  1. Have you seen those monkey hook picture hangers? They are the coolest and will definitely hold your map up (you may need two). We discovered them a couple of months back and used them all over our place. They are holding up one mirror that is at least 50lbs.

    Have a great time with your horses today. Good to know that they arrived safe and that the new facility is nice. Are they turned out 24/7?

  2. I am glad that you and the horses made it safely. It sounds like you still have some work and adventures in getting things sorted out - good luck, and I do hope that it all comes together easily.

  3. dp - I don't think the monkey hooks will help. The actual wooden frame can't support the weight of the map + glass. I've had it framed for years but never got around to hanging it. :( I think I'm going to pull the glass out and just hang the dry mounted map in the frame.

    The horses are inside for nights and bad weather. Best I could find so far. We'll see how their feet hold up :(

    WHP - Thanks! :)


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