Sunday, March 8, 2009


Had a really nice Last Sunday at the field. We all went fishing, but nobody caught much of anything. Well, I think each of us caught at least one fish, but they weren't very big and we were just fishing for the hell of it so we threw them all back.

Then we headed back up to the horse field and I decided to trim my horses. (My two horses. Feels so weird only having two - I'd just finally gotten used to "only" having three.) Champ was a breeze to work on, of course, and I just took a bit off of his inner rear heels and a bit off of the high front heel. Then I got Dixie.

Dixie is the devil's own child to trim. I've always gotten it done, but it always ends with both of us incredibly angry at each other. Well, this time I had a huge bag of her favoritest homemade horse treats, and I just stayed really patient and c/t'd really frequently. And I mean really frequently - I'd pick up a foot, nip one time, put it down, c/t. She was still not really keen on the idea but neither of us got mad and I got done what I wanted to get done. WOO HOO!

I really need to take good pics of her feet and ask Mrs. Mom what she thinks. They look pretty good, but they are still long. And not "long walls," just "long feet." It's kinda weird. Welp, she's not lame and we're making progress!

I have GOT to pack my kitchen tonight. I hate packing kitchen stuff. I love cooking and I love a well organized kitchen and I just really hate trying to find a box to hold the rolling pin and a box for the cutting board and where am I going to put the knives and what about the glasses, ARGH.


  1. Hey! I know this has nothing to do with your post [if you discount the fact that I wish I knew how to trim my horse's hooves!!], but I wanted to let you know.
    Clyde's always been really bad with deworming, and I remembered that you always gave your horses grain after you dewormed them. And Clyde loves grain. :) So I tried it today, and you should have seen how fast he forgave me for the injustice! But I guess you know. ;)

    Clyde thanks you for the 'free' grain. :D!

  2. Oh dude... Funder... I can SO feel your pain with packing!!! I *hate* packing and moving!

    When you have time I'm always happy to look at hoofies ;) (Why not? LOL... Even when we have no clients, I still see them in my dreams! HA~)

    Good job on getting the mare done. Like I said before, it takes a good "feel" for the horse to know what routine is going to help you get the job done! ;)

  3. DiJ - I love exploiting their short attention spans. "Hey this tastes horrible, what are you doing? I hate youuuuu oh is that grain? I love you."

    Mrs Mom - welp, pictures next week I suppose! You're off the hook this weekend :P


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