Monday, March 9, 2009

Horses are shipping tomorrow!

The shipper is on the way, with a stop in Arkansas. He should be here some time tomorrow. Then I have to put my best loved, psycho, fragile, half-ton mammals on a trailer and wave goodbye. Arrrgh!

Graham is picking up the U-Haul trailer tomorrow. We've got almost everything packed or thrown out, except for the electronics basically. I'll load a bit of the trailer tomorrow, then we'll get up early Wednesday, finish packing the trailer, put the cats in the dog crate and load them in Graham's backseat, make a space in my truck for Cersei, and ROLL. We're going to try to make Terre Haute IN that night, then we'll have a short drive to Columbus on Thursday.

Anyway, I'll probably post something tomorrow re: drowning in boxes, then I'll be back online Friday. It's almost over, wooo!


  1. Do you have a place already in OH? Graham's old place?

    I talked to my aunt (a lawyer) about the Ohio bar since you said a while ago it would be a cinch to pass, and she thought for a second and said that it had an unusually high pass rate. :)

    Good luck!!!

    extersh-Sean Connery referring to the background players on a movie set.

  2. wow! i've been away too long. i didn't even know you are moving! i hope all goes smoothly for y'all. good luck!

  3. I am moving soon too, but it is just across town and the horses are staying put at the boarding barn . . .
    moving sucks, either way you look at it, but at least it is a good excuse to throw out a bunch of old junk!
    Personally i am going to have a kickin' yard sale next month because they new place has a BIG TV alcove and i need to come up with some $$ to afford a TV worthy of said alcove. :)
    Good luck with everything!!

  4. Isn't the blogging community great? You find my blog and leave a comment so then I find your blog. So sorry that you have had to let Silky go, and good luck with the move.

  5. Good luck Funder! I'm sure you're ponies will be just fine!
    I'm with Serena, moving sucks no matter what.

  6. Sara - yeah, we're living in Graham's old complex. His actual old building burned down 8 days after he left! We're getting a two bedroom, about 1100 sq ft, for 600 a month. It's got a fireplace too, wheee. And I picked the new stable because it's about 20 minutes away from the apartment complex.

    Serena, my heart goes out to you! Moving does suck. Hopefully you're moving to a nicer part of town though!

    Nor'dzin, thank you. Every time I read another horror story on COTH about a free lease gone wrong I think I did the right thing by her. It was peaceful til the end, which is the best any creature could hope for.

    Stacey - pfffft, my husband says military moving is an order of magnitude less sucky than civilian moving. He so badly wanted us to have the money to move military-style, with paid guys who come carry the boxes away and bring them in to your new house for you. Personally, I think it sucks no matter who carries the boxes.

    But it's an adventure! It'll be fun! Or at least adventurous!

  7. LOL, still...what happens when you and all your crap move half way across the world? It still sucks just as bad. Rental furniture and all, while waiting on the freighter with your house hold goods to dock. Oh and the other freighter with your cars on it...both of which don't get there until about 3 plus weeks after you do! Wait, then sometimes the freighters get there and you call and ask and they say "Oh yeah, they are in port. They just aren't off loaded yet!" Great.


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