Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In transit

I am at a Drury Inn in Terre Haute, Indiana. It is quite nice. The bed is super soft and Cersei's sacked out next to me. Graham is taking a bath. We're both so tired we've lost about 50 IQ points each. Thus the short sentences.

I get all zen and philosophical whenever I travel, either a move or just a road trip. Usually I (like every normal person in the world) am pretty self centered - I go about my day and interact with people but I am always thinking about me and what I am going to do in my own life next. I mean, I'm a nice Southerner, so I ask about people I interact with and am interested in what's going on with them, but I think primarily about me.

When I get on the road, I realize that I'm just a stranger passing through everybody else's life. I'm an outsider. Nobody on the road in whatever random state I'm in knows me. None of the little towns I pass by are "mine." I don't think about how my grandfather used to farm that hill over there, or how I got WASTED at that bar when I was a teenager, or how I went to middle school with the bank teller. I'm just a stranger, watching little bits of other people's usually predictable lives.

We stopped at a truck stop near Sikeston, MO, and while we were in line to buy beef jerky I was watching one of the underage teenage cashiers who had just gone on her lunch break flirting with some skeezy looking 50ish trucker. Ugh. Not my life. Not my place in the world.

Later, we were sagging so we got Starbucks somewhere in Illinois. Two pretty-boy, gelled hair, metrosexual baristas were happy to give me an extra cup of water for my dog. They were pretty nice, but I kept feeling like I was just a scene in their lives, just a memory they'd probably forget entirely in a couple of weeks.

And all the houses beside all the interstates in America. Entire lives lived. Glimpses of a pretty yards with pretty houses. A dirt yard with a pickup and a dog kennel. Little farmsteads, with big barns and big houses and little silos. A modest clapboard house, with carefully laid out "Horsekeeping on a small acreage" hot-tape paddocks for the two happy looking horses. A sprawling compound, with a big professional sign advertising Puppies For Sale!! and an adjoining mud paddock with a mud-covered pony.

Other people's lives. I am nobody's life right now. Everything we own is zipping down the highway at 65 miles an hour. Except my horses! The new barn called and said they arrived safe and sound, walked around the arena and were drinking and eating hay. Yay. I have horses. I have a new chapter of life waiting for me, tomorrow.


  1. Hi Funder and Welcome (almost) to Ohio. I live Northwest of Columbus in Powell. I'd be happy to help you in your transistion however I can. Check out my blog and website for local info on horse stuff. You should get here just in time to attend Equine Affaire..April 2-5th at the will love it!

  2. Nicely put.

    The explosion of the world into 6 billion lives as pulsing and rich and complex as my own always throws me for a loop whenever I let it, but always when traveling. Soon you will be where you're going and you will begin to weave a new fabric around you, anchored in place by the constance of loved ones. And even though moving is hard to do, you are lucky for the latter. So many of those 6 billion lives are in tumult right now, with the comfort of loved ones left behind or worse.

    ferbarar: wearer of fun fur

  3. That is great news on the horse front! Whew..I am even relaxing for you now...I could loose all my personal stuff...but if the horse was safe and sound, I am good!
    Be nice to hear that you too have made it ...took a spin around the nieghborhood, have eaten and are not stopped up and slept..all of it!

  4. Spellbound - on my way to check you out now! NW of Columbus looks like a very nice part of town. I'm definitely planning on going to the Equine Affaire, even if I'm just window shopping!

    dp - Wow, you said it even better than I did. Glad I'm not the only person who feels that way about life. :)

    Kaci - I am kicking back RELAXING tonight, whoo!


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