Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I haven't posted in a while - not because I want to quit blogging, but just because I don't feel like I have a goal or anything to talk about. My horse is in killer shape and we don't have a ride to attend til October. Going out and working on canter sets or heat training or hills seems really pointless.

My trailer is still for sale, but that's no big deal. I refuse to mark it down a couple hundred dollars - I'd rather keep the damn thing til it finally sells at $1100. And my trailer fund is getting sidetracked to be a down payment fund. The market is amazingly soft and our lease ends soon, so we're looking in to buying a house. In the long run, it'll be more awesome to have a house with my horse (and her goat) in the backyard.

It's still pretty melancholy though.


  1. OK, I tried to post a comment but I think it got lost. What I tried to say was that to re-energize, try something new and fun for both you and the horse. I've had lots of fun with clicker - teach your horse a new thing - something you've never done before, even if it's just a trick. Horses love stuff like this, and it helps to build a relationship. If you do some clicker, I highly recommend Alexandra's Kurland's The Click That Teaches.

    Everyone has these doldrums - don't even give it a thought.

  2. I'd love to see a post from you on your blogger skills. There's a lot of things you can do that I'd like to be able to do. You had a neat photo set (no idea how you did that) and your rider charts are killer.

  3. Kate is right: trick training is awesome for overcoming the doldrums. It can also be really useful--I taught Fiddle to lift feet when I point to them, and to carrot-stretch to any point when I touch her. It's an awesome calm-down/warm-up before a ride.

    Also, what about exploring another discipline for a month or two? Find a playday to attend, or take a jumping lesson, or just set up some barrels or poles in the pasture to practice running around those.

    If you're that bored, come visit me, and I'll teach you to use a pulaski. >g< We are never bored here.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions and good wishes. Blogger keeps eating my comments :(


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