Sunday, July 25, 2010

Time dilation

It's gonna take a week for me to post everything that's happened since Friday.

First: I threw up almost all of the pix I took on my Flickr. I've got shots of Merri, Mel, Karen Chaton, Zach, Trot on Hank, and Jonni's arm. Also lots of the racers and random characters. I still need to post my iPhone pics and try to process the videos. I videoed a lot of arrivals and vet checks.

Second, we're probably getting House #2. I don't want to jinx it so I won't talk TOO much about it yet, but we're planning on closing August 31.

Third, but not least, that is definitely a Ride among rides. Totally amazing. What a surreal weekend.

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  1. Great news, I was following "Hank" on the webcast, he and "Tammy" Ride No 98 finished the ride! Well done her, would love to take part.


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