Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pictures of prospective house

We're going to make an offer on this place. Can't get back in to take interior pictures, so you'll have to trust me on the fugly paint job and kind of weird layout, but the property + outbuildings is just dreamy. Needs a lot of work to be horse-ready, but I love where I board now so I don't have that sense of urgency.



  1. Cool Funder! How much land?
    The yard looks to be a smooth clean pallet!
    would you get Dixie a goat or pony?

  2. totally ult. How many acres? I didn't see pix of fences, do you have to build them?

    How EXCITING!!

  3. Kacy - she already has a goat! The little Nubian I take pictures of sometimes is Dixie's goat. They love each other and M gave him to me to be Dixie's friend. My only worry is that he will get lonely when I take her out to ride and I'll have to get my horse's goat a goat.

    Aarene - It's 2 acres, which is huge out here where no grass grows. There's a perimeter fence, kind of, but it's that awful 4" wire mesh. I think if we get it, I will cap the t-posts, replace the mesh with no-climb, and run a strand of hotwire at the top of the posts.

    I will have to pay for a guy with a dozer for a half-day to push the pile of concrete somewhere, smooth out the mountains of dirt, and knock down some of the waist-high dead scrub. It's a lot of work to get it horse and goat ready.

    We made an offer today that expires on Friday, so we should hear something by then. It's a good offer, and I hope we get it, I really do.

  4. HAHA! 2 acres is good for a horse. A goat fer the goat...that may be fitting!

  5. My fingers are totally crossed for you!

    And yes, it's not a bad idea to have two goats, so that they can entertain each other when the horse leaves the property. Also: two goats are waaaaaay more hilarious than one goat!

    WV: oxylou
    a character in Dr Seuss' unpublished masterpiece Oh the Spaceships You'll Go.

  6. Looks like it has lots of possibilities (for work!). Nice to have some trees out there in the desert.
    Good luck on your offer. Another goat would help with the clean-up...


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