Saturday, July 17, 2010

NHR Question

Would you rather have a side-by-side fridge or a single-door fridge? With freezer on top or bottom? I really don't have a preference, but I should develop an opinion. What would you like and why?


  1. I only ever had a side-by-side in an apartment and I HATED it. I was forever sticking my whole arm into the fridge trying to extract something from the back that I couldn't really see clearly. I would never ever buy one for myself. We have a normal freezer on top fridge on bottom fridge that doesn't do anything fancy. The bottom freezer ones were kind of new when we bought it and appreciably more expensive, but if I had to buy another one now I think I'd go freezer bottom. My IRL BFF loves hers and has me convinced.

  2. We have a half and half, fridge on the top, its easy, not to deep, and keeps cool real well.

  3. I have a side-by-side, but I don't keep all that much in the freezer - I have a chest (top open) freezer in the garage for everything that needs to be really cold or kept for more than a week or two.

  4. I love my bottom freezer model, but we were able to get a neat upgrade because the one we ordered ended up not being available.
    It has a *door* rather than a *drawer* freezer, which I like better than digging down, but has both a shelf (pizza, bread, square packages) and a lower basket (bags and bundles), PLUS two door shelves (evidently rare) for lunch box ice blocks, frozen juice and the occasional frozen treat. Upper fridge compartment pretty standard.
    The dog approves of the bottom freezer model, 'cause she doesn't have to get up off her "spot" on the kitchen floor every time we need to get in the fridge!

  5. i want a freakin american fridge again, period.

    the german ones are dorm fridges.

    and i want a freakin ice maker!

    i don't care about the filtered water in the door, i just want ice to make itself automatically.

    and i want a fridge big enough to put 2 liters of koolaid in UPRIGHT, not laying down.


    i also have a question for you - can you get blogger to be some sort of wisiwyg? i have to add so many spaces based on the fact that preview doesn't really preview correctly. i have this problem in both html and compose editors. it looks ok, i publish, the spacing is all off. i have to go back and add returns, returns, and i'm so sick of it. in this way livejournal was better.

    ~lytha, blogging since 2001 (oh no now funder's gonna go find my other blog...*gasp*!)

  6. My mom had a good point that the two-door ones won't hold a pizza box, unless you get an extra large one.

    I think the freezer on the bottom isn't too bad. I really don't know, honestly! I do like the ones with the baskets and drawers, Evensong. And I want a chest freezer too, so I can buy a half a cow and store it. Chest freezers are much less expensive so it seems like less of a horrible mistake if you don't like the design!

    Lytha, I will think about your blogger problem. Livejournal, huh? Were you an emo kid? ;)

  7. Fridge on the bottom = win. Drawer style, I mean. But good luck finding one that isn't ridiculously priced. :p


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