Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tevis 2

I don't trust this program not to eat my enormous post, so I'll split it up.

After 89, we hopped back in the Durango and headed to get coffee. The 7-11 had a bear proof trash can out front, so I took a tourist picture of it. I took a couple of "Hey Ma lookie here!" shots - they're all in the iPhone album.


Then we went back to I-80 and zoomed down to Auburn, then got on a tiny road and zoomed back east. The road got smaller and the views got more stunning, and after an hour or so we were on a Theoretical Road carved into a mountain, headed up to Robinson Flat. There may have been some dude named Robinson at one point but it sure as hell wasn't flat!

Not flat, but pretty like WOAH.

Here's one for EG:

We got swank press parking by some huge logs. Yes, they were the biggest logs I've ever seen. Yes, I got pictures of me standing by them, looking really dorky in really comfortable clothes. Hey Ma!


On the way up to RF, when I had a half a bar of cell signal, the realtor called and asked if we could meet him at 1? LOL, of course. I yelled to call G, then lost the call. Managed to get out a few texts telling G that if he'd sign to accept the counteroffer, then put it in our Dropbox, I could sign and fax it back that night in Auburn.

We had an hour or so to wait in RF. I wandered around and boggled at everything. That's also the point where I realized how HARD it is to crew Tevis. I think most rides the crew has to work really hard to not punch the rider for being a bitch, but at Tevis you have to drive literally hundreds of miles, drag gear miles in carts, clean up, AND not punch the bitchy rider.

Awesome hay bag

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