Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now that's more like it

Rode the wild child again tonight and she was much better behaved. We did the exact same route as Monday. She was a little pissy and jumpy for the first two miles then settled right in and worked hard for me. Here's the Garmin info.

Lap 1 was getting out of the subdivision, 2 was slogging up the hill away from home and leaping around, 3 was hauling ass once she realized we were really going to do this thing, 4 was a mistake, 5 was coming back into the subdivision.

Dixie did a cowhorse stop for no apparent reason once and she gave the hairy eyeball to many terrifying white pieces of trash, but she really was a good horse. She has a lovely daisy-cutter pace going down hills, and our "fast" speed sort of rotated between trot, rack, canter, and something in between. I'm really pleased at how the mountains on the Garmin are turning into plateaus. We're not surging between trot and walk, we're steadily moving along. (Well, except for the scary balky hill.)

I told her she was acceptable and I'd keep her for the time being. ;)

Primal update, aka "things I've thought of that are good to eat." We eat a lot of larb, from this recipe, and a lot of tiger cry, based off of this. I am also living perilously but gloriously and making mayo and Caesar dressing from my friend's eggs. It's been two weeks and I haven't poisoned myself yet! I take a big Caesar salad to work about 3 times a week, and I bring egg salad at least once. Egg salad is hella good, yall.

Also Costco sells frozen bison burgers that my husband swears are just stellar. I haven't tried them yet, but he kept himself alive on them while I was off at Tevis.

I will go update the Tevis posts with some strategic pictures. I haven't forgotten you, Lytha!


  1. Never been a fan of Thai food, or for that matter any take outs! Usually they suck!
    However, I might just try these couple of dishes, they do look good!

    On my blog, I was out on a ride with one of my friends here in the UK, she has a TWH! Its name is Didi. I was impressed by the gait known as "The Rack?" It certainly looks smooth, and quite quick.

  2. So funder....after watching the Tevis and having so much fun.....of course you have decided you HAVE to do it RIGHT????? :)

  3. Cheyenne - racking is AWESOME. It'll spoil you!

    Mel, I don't know if I can deal with the heat. And I don't have nearly the support system you do. My family won't crew for me. :-/

    Still, if she'll do 100s and I can make it to FH without heatstroke I'd LOVE to do Tevis!!

  4. Mmm... egg salad! I haven't had egg salad in YEARS. Now I have to go get some eggs! :)

    Sounds like Miss Dixie is really coming along! Looking forward to hearing about how YOU did at Tevis next year... hehe

  5. Hah! You eat primal? So do I , have been for almost a year, wouldn't go back... It's made a huge difference in a vast amount of areas of my life....

    Very cool that you got to experience Tevis from the "ground" and be part of the action...


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