Friday, January 7, 2011

31 more things

Hey, Jonna at Acer Farms did the 31 things thing. She's another newbie endurance rider on not-Arabs. We should start a club or something: Endurance Newbies On The Wrong Horses. Aarene can be our mentor - she's not a newbie but she does ride a Wrong Horse. ;)


  1. Love that idea... us "wrong Horse" endurance riders must stick together...

  2. We should, Gracie is an Irish draft cross TB, but at 1hour and 41 minutes for 25 km, she`s not bad!

  3. I propose that we call ourselve the "Righteous Wrongs".

    Cuz it's a little catchier than just "Team Sensibler Than You."

  4. Wrong guys crack me up. I think it's great you hang in and ride on what you want. Being the right horse for you is what counts, I think.

  5. ROFL, Aarene's got the best name. I love it!

    RR reminded me of something yall non-endurance people might not realize. I have never yet had anyone tell me face to face or online that I "should" get an Arab. It's only the "how to ride endurance" articles and the general weight of consensus that makes us non-Arab people feel like we're "wrong." Any discussion on Ridecamp about conformation or "what to look for in my next horse" implicitly assumes that the ideal horse is an Arab.

    I guess it's kind of like being gay. Most people don't think twice about saying "husband and wife," which undoubtedly makes gay people feel implicitly excluded. I have some awesome gay friends, so I try to say "SO." Thus ends my daily Deep Thought.

  6. ah aarene has just ridden a lot of "typical" arabs that gave her hell. but you are both alternative now, and that's cool.

    kind of like driving a prius in germany. totally alternative.

    in seattle, uh, wow, almost every other car was identical to mine. like all those grey arabs that you almost walk up to and get on before you realize, oops.

    i had the pleasure of riding a very sensible arabian for many 50s and had such a blast - she made me really like mares.

    whatever you do don't go visit mikael's place. not that you'd sell dixie, but you'd be adding someone for sure.

    now you've reminded me i have to work on my TWH/Arabian comparison advertisement for endurance news. you'll love it.


  7. lytha, remember that TWHs (as a whole) don't buck! That's the number one selling point for me ;) That's what I keep telling myself when I see cute ones like Mikael's - "all she has to do is drop that shoulder and pop her butt up and you'll eat dirt, stupid."


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