Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back on track

So I boldly made New Years Resolutions, then pretty much crapped out on everything for four whole days. I feel much improved today, so I worked on 1a and 3 a bit. (Yeah, I went back and looked at the numbers.)

I demolished the trim out of the hall and thought a lot about blogging it. I have many opinions and many useful tips and I even took pictures - now I just need a clever name for the renovation blog. Unfugly House? Funder Plays With Power Tools? Yall help!

And I've been cooking pretty good stuff. The oh-god-too-much-rice weight from SF is coming back off pretty quick. I brined a pork chop Sunday, and I made a bunch of good broccoli casserole. I cooked a pan of it and froze a bunch of single-servings with my awesome little Foodsaver guy. The pork chop lasted me through yesterday - I had no appetite while I was sick - then today I invented some tasty mushrooms. I filled baby portabellas with roasted peppers, cheese, and eggs. I had a ton of filling left over, so I baked that and froze the mushrooms. I am braising a beef shank too but it's nowhere near ready and I'm full of broccoli and mushroom stuffing, so I guess that's tomorrow's dinner.

The chickens have been laying like mad. 5-6 eggs a day. Every critter in the house (including me) eats eggs every day - nobody's sick of them yet. In return I keep hooking the chickens up with tasty scraps - they got the pork chop bone, the tops from the peppers, the stems from the mushrooms, and some freezer-burned mozzarella I found in the depths of the freezer.


  1. I hate you. Okay, not so much YOU, as you posting a recipe on your blog! Once upon a time I liked to cook. Then I cooked for a living for 20 years or so.
    I hate recipes, because if I find one I try and like, I can never seem to find it again. I have ONE cook book, and maybe three or four loose sheets with a recipe on them in my drawer (under the pot holders). By going to your link, I found a kazillion recipes I would be willing to eat, and maybe even cook...IF I had the ingredients on hand. But I live 20 miles from a small town, with limited culinary resources even there. I do like to be true to a recipe for at least the first effort, then adjust it to my own tastes. So I always end up saying "Oh well. Same old same old tonight" (often, these days, previously frozen).

    I like "Funder plays with power tools." THAT I can relate to.

    wv = maybagsa = an new recipe I want to try, but with less garlic and more mushrooms ;-D

  2. How about..." Funderful Decor!"

  3. Every time you talk about your chickens I want some.

  4. :-)
    The chicken-death-wish syndrome would be just too much for me. Every time you post about your GOATS I want some though. The goats don't seem quite so intent on committing suicide. And, of course, they're adorable.

  5. Mushrooms sound great, haven't had stuffed ones in a long time.

    My layers have finally finished molting, so we're getting a few per day now again. We had used them all up, for the first time in 3 years. It's nice to have them coming in again... can't have too many with chicks, dog, and - later on - pigs!



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