Friday, January 21, 2011

For Lytha

Who thinks just because Baasha rolls in good clean mud he's a dirty horse. Here is my horse, coated in grime, ridden hard (according to her), then rolling in the sand to really grind it back in.

Then she went down again and got the other side.

That's from our ride on Monday. The nearest cattle trough is about 4 miles away, so it's a good training turnaround point. Coming home, we took a slightly different path, so we clocked in at 10.14 miles in 1:52, which is 5.4 mph. Very respectable. She gave me some really nice gaits on the flats going out and the whole way coming back. It was about 60 that day so the yak was hot, but very full of herself.

The problem with going to the cattle trough is that there are cattle there! They're only out on the open range in the winter/spring, so I kinda forget about them. Dixie doesn't. Getting the last quarter of a mile to the trough was a test of faith for her. I got off and slooowly led her in while she stared at the cows and the cows stared at her.

Cersei enjoyed the free snacks on the way. >:(

Then today I rode over to B&D's house. They have a horse soccer ball, so I showed that to Dixie. She was pretty blase about it - she'd touch it with her nose (thanks, clicker training!) but was uninterested in it rolling toward her or away from her. Then we all rode out and did a slower ride. 8.1 miles in 1:57, 4.1 mph. I thought it was hillier, but the GPS swears it's the exact same elevation change.

B&D's horses were both jerks. Dixie managed to behave quite well. I think that's a first. Every time we'd pick up a good trot, Surprise would get excited, buck, and try to canter, so we did a lot of walking. Sadie just gnashed her teeth and made nasty faces, as usual, because she wanted to be the lead mare and outrun the other two. Oh well - Dixie gave me some nice powerwalking, so fast the other two were jigging to keep up. Sorry yall!

When I got back, I Cowboy Magic'd Dixie's mane and brushed it out. It's soo loong!

Pretty face.

Tomorrow the Reno Endurance Blogging Club is going to meet up and do a nice long ride. Expect three separate posts at some point in the future!


  1. OMG, now THAT is dirty.

    Envy you the 60 degree weather.

    Thanks for your note about dieting & weights. We do have a gym at work with weights that I never have quite figured out what to do with. Perhaps its time to learn. :)

  2. Oohhhh, I bet that sand felt goo-ood to Miss Dixie.

    I'm already bored with poking around the house on the horses. I'm thinking I need to drive a few miles over toward Utah to see if the snow is gone in Rabbit Canyon.

  3. Ya`all look kinda fresh? Maybe ya need ta git further down the trail!!

    Couldnt resist!Lol....I have to admit, its really good to see pics from your neck of the woods. It always looks as though its nearly summer!!
    All that sand. "Thats a mighty fine animal ya got thar little lady!"

  4. Thanks, yall! Tammy, if you really want to try weights, I can find the guides I used about how to DL and squat.

    BEC - I'm sure there's a warm hillside somewhere :)

    Chey - the weather here definitely makes up for the desert-ness.

  5. Brena says that she's like to challenge Dixie to a getting dirty competition because she is rather skilled at this activity. I said 'no' because of course both the two horses would be the real winners whilst their humans, who have to clean them, would both be the losers.

  6. I totally thought that photo was a dead horse. Phew! The last shot is adorable. Love the markings and what a lovely mane!

  7. Dear Funder,

    If you should walk outside one day to find a mane-less Dixie, there is no need to see if a certain palomino is now sporting a weave. No siree bob.

  8. I does look like Dixie knows full well how to get down and dirty. I'm sure that Baasha and she would make quite a pair. LOL

    Does Dixie not like the cows or does she want to do something with them like maybe chase them??

  9. Yep, I'm with Dom. If I hadn't read your post, I would have thought that was a desert carcass!
    Dixie's mane is beautiful!

  10. That is one filthy beastie! I always feel a bit on the guilty side when mine decide to take a nice mud bath and then I refuse to clean them off right away. I look out there and see them all caked in mud, feel guilty, then remind myself that as soon as I groom 'em, they'll be right back at it grinding it in again.


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