Monday, January 31, 2011

Canada, floor, etc

Too tired for pics so you must suffer with just words. (Hey, at least Mel isn't getting shorted - she can't see my blog pictures at work, so she's usually left imagining what weird shots I posted.)

Last week jme put up a slow feeder post with a link to an online vendor for hockey nets! I do not know why it didn't ever occur to me to google for hockey nets instead of just looking in the sporting goods section of every store in town, but I didn't think about it. Oh well. G ordered me a net that day, and it arrived Friday or Saturday. I took down the old makeshift hay-string net and tied the hockey net up last night. Stuffed it with three flakes of enticing hay.

Dixie did not approve. I thought this was pure foolishness, because it's a white net exactly like the old white net (except with smaller holes and it smells new) so I didn't give her breakfast. By dinnertime she had changed her tune and she and the goats had nibbled down the hay in the new net. Yay! Now, of course, the net has horse/goat snot all over it and it's not nearly as pretty looking as last night. Sigh. Oh well, snotty pictures tomorrow maybe.

I got half the hall floor nailed down today. It's awesome. More details than you ever wanted to know at the other blog.

I still have not gotten the egg cave cleaned out. Siiigh.

Banders, the crazy white-and-grey longhaired cat, has become an inside-outside cat, mainly because I do not care if he lives or dies anymore. He spent the whole of last week howling at the doors for 10 minutes of each hour, every single hour I was awake. I do not mean hyperbolic 10 minutes, I mean TEN ACTUAL MINUTES OUT OF EVERY SIXTY. He was relentless in the face of the squirt gun. He drove me to tears. I finally decided if he wanted out that bad he could go out, and if a hawk eats him good riddance, I'll get a new kitten. Now when he howls at the door I fling him outside. So far he has come back every time. He is going to live to be 20 and torment me every day, I'm quite sure of it.

The Kitten, the "helper" in most of my photos, doesn't have any desire to go outside. There are no couches outside, and there are no woodstoves, and there is nothing in her life better than laying on the couch basking in the fire's heat. This is good, because she's G's favorite cat and I have been sternly warned to not let his Kitten out under any circumstances.

Nyaaaah, it only got up to like 45 today, but it was sunny and not windy. All of yall non-west-coasters are suffering under horrible weather. Just wanted to point out how much nicer your lives would be if you'd up and move to Reno.


  1. I did tell you that I would send you one from this civilized country where they can be found in the sporting goods section of any shop that has one...

  2. There isn't much worse than a critter who keeps you up all night... I'm a light sleeper as it is and I can't stand it when noises that shouldn't be heard are heard all night long!!


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