Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mystery solved, crazy horse, :(

Today I solved a mystery!

When I got up I noticed the Cersei dog seemed a little out of sorts. Belly kind of poochy, drooling, that kind of thing. She stared intently at me til I figured out she was out of water - weird, I'd checked it last night. (Eating a raw diet means that she drinks a lot less water than a kibble dog.)

I settled down on the couch and drank some coffee. Cersei made bad smells with her butt. I figured she'd eaten too much horse poop or something even worse from the yard.

I went to take a shower. Cersei sulked into the bedroom and flopped down on the bed with her ears back.

I got dressed and walked back down the hall and realization struck like lightning.

Yesterday I pulled the hall closet doors down and started painting them. But I didn't pick up the damn cat food from the hall closet.

Last night the cats gnawed a hole in one of the bags (because fresh cat food is infinitely superior to the stuff in the bowl), then Cersei came and enlarged it a bit and had a snack. A half pound of cat food snack. No wonder she smells like a toxic waste dump!

So far today, she's done bad things in the yard a couple times, puked once inside and once outside, and drank 2 liters of water. She'll recover just fine, and she will never learn that cat food doesn't agree with her.

My horse put on a show for me this evening. I'd thrown hay into the feeder and given Dixie her ration balancer, and when I came back out of the barn from putting up the bucket, she was rolling. Then she took off running. Sorry about the awful quality of the video - it doesn't do well in sharp shadows and bright light, and that's dusk in the desert for you.

Dixie gives 'em hell from Funder on Vimeo.

I don't usually talk about stupid squishy feelings here, but maybe it's good for me or something. I miss my stupidhead husband and I've been kind of bummed for a couple days now. I think I'm going to start going to the gym again - the endorphin thing from exercise always helps. Tomorrow I'll ride (provided Cersei feels better), and that helps too.

Now, when do I feel better just from talking about my feelings???


  1. You've got to let 'em POUR out before talking about them helps. We're here to listen!! :)

    Weird how doing exercises makes you feel better, isn't it? Because when I think about doing said exercises I also contemplate driving my truck head on into a concrete pillar.

    Hope little Cersei is feeling better soon!!

  2. Dinner pony with the zoooooooooomz!!

  3. Cat food gets them every time! Poor Cersei. Our Sadie can't keep it done more than 5 minutes...

  4. Silly Cersei! You don't speak "meow." Hope she's feeling better.

    Silly Dixie! Lookit er go!yeehaw! I liked how she came back to you to ask"Didya see me, mom? Didya?"

    Silly Funder! That's what friends are for! Squish all ya want--we're here to listen. And in sharing the info, I hope we can share the load--(tho Dixie can do an even better job in person!).

  5. If Cersei is on a raw food diet the cat food might also cause impaction. (Due to the unneeded fibre in the cat food) Hope she's okay!

    Dixie was having some fun there!

    Also, all hubbies are stupidheads, that's why you girls love em.


  6. Unfortunately my dogs like to gobble up used catfood... de-lightful!

    Hope Cersei feels better :)

  7. Cersei is much improved today! She's at about 90% of normal I think. PeterC, of course it's shockingly expensive grain-free cat food - I can't get the cats to eat a balanced raw diet, but they'll eat the next best thing to it. Cat food doesn't compact her, it, errr, cleans her out very well.

    She also enjoys the occasional snack of used cat food. Euuugh :(

  8. Every chance he gets, my red heeler will clean out the cat dish. Fortunately, he has an iron constitution. Glad to hear Cersei came out okay. But, whew...doggie farts are the worst! LOL

    Whee-Hawww Dixie was cutting up!

    Having spent 8 years in a long distance relationship, I know how ya feel. It was really strange when My Honey and I actually started living together. It's not a bad thing that you miss your...stupidhead-LOL. You might want to worry if you didn't. ;-)

  9. Glad it's nothing serious. Herbie ate too much horse poo and made herself sick today.

  10. Seconding Evensong: didya see me mom, huh huh?
    She's a pretty girl!

    Feelings. Argh. It's all the stupidhead's fault. (that's how it works in our house)


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