Wednesday, January 12, 2011


My parents will never believe this, but I kinda like the super cold snaps of Reno. (Not the super cold snaps of further north, thank you very much!) When it's just kinda winter for weeks, I get complacent and whiny. Ugh, gotta get up and make a fire and go kick the ice out of the buckets and it's cooooold. Then it'll get really cold - keep the fire going all day! thaw the pipes! break water in the afternoon too!

It "warmed back up" yesterday, into the low 40s, and... it feels warm. I didn't wear coveralls once. I didn't even wear gloves! I got a raging fire going in the morning, then had to flee to fight with the floor because it was 75 in the den.

Beautiful sunset today.


  1. I think it got about 30 here & the sun was out for maybe an hour or so. And we still have 9+" of snow. Come on spring...

  2. I hear ya. By now, when it hits the high 30's/low 40's, it feels really nice.

    I'm the opposite of you though. I wear my bib coveralls and skip the jacket. I find jackets so restricting.

    Guess we better enjoy these 'warm' spells. Got a bit of winter yet to go. ;-)

  3. the 20's here, snow drifts, ice covered roads, wind...can I possibly hate you in a "nice" sort of way? 40 degrees?

    How about a new "chicken story" to make my miserable c-c-c-old day? ~E.G.

  4. Now I feel bad for whining about our low of 28 last night. I guess it's all about perspective!

  5. D&T - yall get hammered over there to the east. The Sierras really save us a lot of snow and cold!

    BEC - I have "full" coveralls, so I feel like the kid brother in A Christmas Story when I wear them. I can't move my arms! At least with a jacket I can still move my legs. ;)

    EG - I won't taunt you with my good weather anymore! Unless it's to make sure jen appreciates her even better weather...


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