Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm still not stylish

No less than four of you misguided people have given this to me. I am the opposite of stylish!

There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:

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Thanks to (in reverse chronological order of awarding) Brown Eyed Cowgirls, Gabriella Elise, Mare, and in2paints. I'm sure I've talked about some of this before, but after three years you run out of interesting new facts to disclose.

  1. I'm serious, I'm the opposite of stylish. My husband buys my clothes. I don't mean he gives me the money - I mean he constantly orders stuff he thinks I'll look good in, because left to my own devices I wear the same things til they get holes in them, then wear them around the house til they get BIG holes.
  2. I have had the same blush/eye makeup since I got married. The first time. In 2000. That's how little makeup I wear.
  3. I am a gun person - .40 S&W M&P. There are a thousand passionate and articulate gun bloggers who explain why better than I do, but the tl;dr is: I'm worth it. I value my own life enough to fight for it if god forbid I ever have to.
  4. I think I have the most eclectic music collection of anyone I've ever met. From the Statler Brothers* to Clutch to Lady Gaga to Social Distortion to Ratatat to Gangstagrass. Inevitably, whenever anyone comes over to the house or gets in my truck, a type of music they hate is playing. I broaden horizons, I guess. :)
  5. I hate pears. I think they are sickly-sweet and grainy. Whenever people give me pears, yes, even those amazing Harry & David pears, I feed them to Dixie. (She really loves them though, so please keep giving them to me!)
  6. At one point, I could deadlift 220 lbs. Then I pulled a groin muscle and took some time off and, well, you know how that goes...
  7. I don't wear dresses. I caught the eye of my husband by wearing a dress, so the purpose of dresses is complete. Skirts count as dresses for the purposes of this discussion. My legs are properly wrapped in cloth at all times.

There's no way I'll come up with 15 new blogs, but I do solemnly promise that tonight I will update my sidebars with all the new stuff I've found recently.

With that said, here's one that Karen Chaton showed me two days ago - I like the name of it! It seemed like a good idea at the time
And here's a UK hoof care blog - Rockley Farm
Rafikah Rose is about to move her horse to her, so she should post more soon
If you're a history nerd, you will enjoy the (NWS!) Got Medieval
And again, history nerds will like (also not entirely appropriate for work) Hark, A Vagrant!
I think I've mentioned it before, but I can't get enough of TYWKIWDBI.

That's all I got. Click through and look at my sidebar. Tonight. Or tomorrow morning, cause I'm west coast so my idea of "tonight" might be well past yours. I got to get off this timewaster and do something with my floor.

*So what did happen to Randolph Scott?


  1. Hahaha-And we have both been blogging for 3 years and can remodel houses...we are eerily similar.

    LOL-word verification = lopin

    Wished I was doing some of that on my ponies. The ground is too sloppy and the trainer who said I could use his indoor arena is out of town. Uugghhh!

  2. I know Reno doesn't even compare to Vegas, but if you and your man ever come up here to gamble or ski, we've gotta meet up! :)

  3. My legs are always "appropriately wrapped in cloth" too. I love that line, I'm going to have to remember it. Fits my mindset to a tee. LOL

  4. Hey, if I HAVE to wear a skirt or dress, then it presupposes that I HAVE to shave my legs! I do that even less often than I shave fetlocks! ('Course, if it's cold enough out, I can get away with knee socks...)

  5. I shave my legs when they bug me, but I have to admit - it's not exactly a habit. Extensive testing has revealed that G neither notices nor cares what length my leg hair is.

  6. Thanks for the comment (from another blogger whose legs are always wrapped in cloth...)

  7. Now you have explained your clothing situation our reaction won't be one of frock and horror.

  8. I love your comment about your M&P! You're right, you are worth defending yourself.

    We have a lot of customers at the gun shop who come in looking for a "cheap" gun to defend themselves with. My boss always looks at them and asks if their life is worth only $200. :)

  9. LOL! You crack me up!

    I don't like ripe pears either... you should try them when they're still hard and crunchy. They're much less sweet and don't have that grainy texture.

    I have a S&W 4003TSW... LOVE IT!

  10. My husband and my MIL used to buy my clothes. They finally gave up, mostly. This Christmas, my MIL gave me a new Carhartt in raspberry. I think she's finally learning!


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