Thursday, January 6, 2011

This deserves its very own post



I started this needlepoint piece in May 2005. It's seven kimonos and a sash on a kimono rack. (The black things are magnets to hold my needles and charts.) It was a class piece - I took a week-long class with the guy who designed it, Tony Minieri.


The outlines of the piece were sketched in pencil on the canvas, and I got a 30 page booklet describing what to do in each space. The class got us started on each element, then we were on our own.


I started law school, then I got a horse, then I got three more horses. I kept stitching on it, mainly in the winter when the nights are long and boring.


I graduated law school. We moved nine times and about 3,400 miles. I dragged it very carefully with me every single time I moved.


I was watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I started, and oddly enough I'm watching B:tVS again as I finished. (Season one is pretty lame, but season two is better. I remember it just keeps improving til the last season.)


This thing has survived six total cats and dogs. It has, tragically, outlasted my mom's excellent framer, and now I don't know what to do with it.


I think the class and kit cost $300 or $350. If you break it down by hours of enjoyment, this has been one of the best values of my life. (These little surface embroidery flowers were nerve wracking.)


I was living with G, but I wasn't even married when I started.


I've had a wild ride for the last 5 years. "That unfinished kimono needlepoint thing" was one of my only constants. I am at a bit of a loss now that it's done. I mean, a couple of years ago I quit buying new things to stitch til I finished some of the ones I have going. There's one out - does that mean I can bring one in?

I think the next huge project is "that unfinished ribbon thing" but I might work on something less huge too.


  1. Very pretty & I bet you do feel glad to have that task done. We just finished a bathroom we started to repaint last winter. Nothing like taking our time. But feels great when its done!

  2. That's impressive! I go no patience for such close work! (tho I will braid baling twine, if I need a stout rope...)

    I suspect that's one side effect of not having the SO nearby, tho Heaven knows, you have plenty of other projects that could have distracted you.

  3. Wow, that is impressive. I used to do a decent amount of cross stitching but haven't done it in years. I can't imagine tackling a project like that. It IS neat when you reflect on all that happened in your life while working on it!

  4. Sounds like you is in need of gettin` out! It looks damn good though. Say?......What about doin` a Saga by needlepoint? Another Bayeaux Tapestry

  5. its beautiful! what an accomplishment and I love that it brought continuity to your busy and changing life!


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